PL7: What's the best improvement in your experience?

me neither and my last experience with Lr 6 wasn’t good.

Well @IanS
To my opinion don’t expect any AI tools
I believe DXO doesn’t have the “know how” of development of editing tools. All they know is copy paste fron nik.(besides Denoise tools)
Nevertheless, hopefully this B&W workflow in PL 7 is the beginning of incorporation of Silver Efex unto PL.
Otherwise I really don’t expect any revolutionary tools from this software.
Of course, I will not spend 109$ for this upgrade, just wait for Black Friday sale for 69$ probably.
For 109$ every upgrade , I would rather immigrate back to Lightroom

I had no bad problems with LR, but I wanted to upgrade when it suits me. Just like I’m doing with DxO now. Waiting for a Black Friday offer next year…
In addition, PL was far superior with my RAW files, but that may have leveled out a bit now?

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I do my fine masking in Affinity Photo. No AI, but it’s rather fast and easy to do and it’s pretty good at masking hair on human and animals.

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i did a lot of portraits and events photo shoot few years back and gosh i lost many from Lr catalog, folders were just turning grey (nothing in the folder) for unknown reason, so i moved to C1 for about a year then went back to Lr, again after a month i ended up with more grey folders, so i quit Adobe right there, never went or look back. that’s also when i started making my own cataloging, easy on a Mac anyway.
now i don’t do portrait or events due to some illness and medical issues and my fuse is way shorter now so i don’t deal good with people request or temper anymore :shushing_face:
one good thing of pre-retirement is… i enjoy wildlife and nature even more, even if the pay check is way less.

Unfortunately; Yes - this is all the result of DxO’s (very poorly thought-out) decision to conflate (= merge & mix-up) Color Accentuation and HSL.

  • The resulting issues are discussed here.

  • And more of the “fall-out” is covered here.

I suspect the issue that DxO were aiming to deal with, via this change, is that there were (with PLv6) actually two separate global Saturation settings; one via Color Accentuation + another via the global channel in the HSL tool … which, no doubt, was complicating coding logic.

  • All the same, it would have been a much better solution to have simply disabled the Saturation slider for the global channel in the HSL tool … and then Color Accentuation could have been retained;

  • This would have been a “cleaner” change - without the consequences of PLv7’s implementation

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PL 7 implementation of Local Adjustment seems like the beginning of many tweaks and changes for the upcoming releases, which stems from not well tested or though out attempt to solve older issues with local adjustment in order to add new features and functionality. Until they iron out the bugs and tweak the UI and all that, we seem to be stuck with annoying quirks and un,intuitive solutions to problems that were not there.

Lately I’m watching many companies take this route. As if the perception on the market to create pressure for product managers is to to put out new features before they are ready or just to grab headlines, leading to breaking of stuff that worked fine. Originally I was pleased to see DXO stayed more on the minimal but important updates for pro user base, but after week or two of playing with it, although less than usual, I would say the local adjustments are the biggest UI change that comes with birthing pains and before it finds the proverbial sea legs, we seem to be stuck with various bugs and quirks. At least the core functionality seems to work, but needs polish to the UI and logic of working with new set up.

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Smithy; you may be interested in adding your vote to these suggestions for “fixes” to PLv7 … to help make it a more comfortable and effective application.


It has been clear, to me at least, for several years now that this is one of the main drivers behind DxO’s strategy.

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Best improvement?

Can’t say for sure yet.
I like the new LA setup, but I dislike the merger of Color Accentuation with HSL.
I like improved speed compared to DPL5, but I miss speed improvement vs DPL6
I greatly dislike the dimmed, hard to read user interface
I still miss features that improve the dependability of DPL (DB maintenance etc.)
I still miss easier to use and more comprehensive (operators!) search


Are you running PL7 with Windows 10? It was my understanding Windows 11 was required. If I can get by with 10, that would be great.

Windows 11 is not required and why’d it be with <= 25% market share ( of all Windows versions ) vs 70% of W10 which is still officially fully supported by M$ with patches ?

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10 is OK if still a MS supported version

About every softwares run win10 and win11. And this will continue for years I’m pretty sure.
Win10 (and sometime but hardly win7) is still used by lot of companies as their current os.

Yes. Running Windows 10, no need for Windows 11.

I will try to find some more time in the next few days, since I’m working on other projects, mostly video and motion graphics so I’m not using DXO much at the moment, but I’ll try to experiment more and get some feedback when I find some free time. Thanks.

Thanks everyone for your comments. This is great news. The misunderstanding was mine. I did not read carefully enough.

What does this mean for my pics where I used Saturation and Vibrancy when I want to “re-work” them? Are the settings simply gone?

From what was told above (or in an other thread), if you open an image like this, V7 “import” takes into account global vibrancy and saturation plus global (opposed to LA) HSL saturation and vibrancy and mixes those 2 different settings in the only panel left, which is global HSL saturation and vibrancy.

So yes, you should be able to start from the same rendering and modify it.
But you’ll have to use global HSL panel to do it.

As @JoPoV explains, you won’t lose your previous settings - BUT, they’ll be merged & mixed-up with global HSL settings … which then makes it very difficult to independently assess the impact of Sat & Vib and HSL settings !! … So, not a good outcome - See more on the implications here.