PL7 Force Quit

There is some kind of serious defect with PL7 having to be force quit, not just once but on multiple occasions. Tonight, after a session of edits and exports, followed by a normal quit, the UI disappeared but the process did not. Activity Monitor showed it was ghosted (greyed out), but it was still heavily clocking system calls, and using CPU to well over 300%.

If there is any use for crash reports or process samples, let me know and I will start collecting them.

MacOS 12.6.5 M1/Max 64GB and PL 7.1.1

Have a look at this thread it’s a known issue mine was running at 400% if you have a previous build to 38 it will fix the problem if you can uninstall latest version and use previous version

How can the cpu used for more than 100%?


I wondered the same but it was freezing up PL7 so something that PL7 latest update is doing is killing the processor

Nowadays, CPIs contain more than one core and can usually run more than one thread per core.

I can confirm the same for PL 7.1.1 build 38. Running on M2 MAX with Ventura 13.6.2 & 32GB of ram. For me this is happening when working with local adjustments. Raw image stops accepting adjustments, working with masks for example. This has happened with now two different images. When I try to exit from PL it hangs. The only way to close it is to force quit. I am working with Fujifilm raw images, if this matters. After returning to PL the images that “caused” the crash are restored without the adjustments, or defects that I can see.

So 100% is per core.
I see it’s about the mac. I’m on windows.


Apparently the same here. If I bring up an image with local adjustments in it, but don’t do anything with it, all is well. As soon as I open the local adjustment sliders and expose the masks, it leads to a problem where the app will not quit.

I believe this is related to the problem with the “Correction Preview” endlessly spinning thingy, which also occurs with local adjustments and leads to a force-quit. Linkety-link.

@George Yes, that’s three or four CPU cores pegged.

Force quitting here because of that dreadful spinning beachball…more and more in “Correction Preview” (there’ s a separate thread about this issue).

Same crashing issue here. Appears when using Control Point in Local Adjustments.