PL7-DXO Standard Preset on Latest Release adds its own Selective Tone & WB Adjustments?

I am using the latest release of PL7 updated this weekend 05-11-2023 on my M1 MacBook Pro.

On opening new RAW Files from my OM-1 Camera it seems to have Selective Tone Adjustments made by the DXO Standard Preset. Also, the White Balance slider was set to over 7000 K ! making my correctly exposed Studio Lit Test Shots look weird. The camera was set to 5500K Flash White Balance-When i took the shots. Didn’t have this problem the week before (Before Updating PL7).
Is this a Bug on the latest update of PL7- Does anyone out there know ?

Hi and welcome to the user forum,

while I’m not on MacOS, just today there were a few updates … please check them out.
DxO Software - New Cameras & Lenses support (7 November 2023 update) - #517 by Marie

Hi Wolfgang,
Thank You for your reply. I will try the newer update from the 7-November. Sometimes the developers include secret bug fixes amongst the advertised enhancements. Let’s hope so.
Regards, Neil.