PL7.5.0 exports "dark" JPGs because the user exported with a different export option

The problem that I first saw and thought represented an issue with the thumbnails of exported images was this

![2024-03-16_104810_PL750 versus PL740 versus camera thumbnails in FSIV|690x226]

But FastStone Image Viewer (FSIV) showed the actual image as

However, FastRawViewer (FRV) insists that the image looks like this

This different interpretation of how the image should be displayed varies from package to package, Lightroom (LR) actually display the image as “bright” like FSIV.

I finally traced the problem which stemmed from using a different export option on the two machines!?

Images exported with the ‘ProPhoto RGB’ option produce images that are inconsistently handled by various photo programs.

Heretic question: Does it matter?

As long as output files look like on your (calibrated) screen, all those differences are a matter of the app’s own interpretation of the image. Most apps try to reproduce the looks of the built-in JPEG previews, but success is less hit and more miss at times.

@platypus The point is that the PL7.5 image does not appear the same on the same monitor between packages.

So PL7.4 export appears the same from package to package but PL7.5 exports do not, i.e. something in the image is causing some packages to react one way and others to react the other!!

PS:- If PL7.5 is now smarter than PL7.4 that is one thing but not when it causes me to have other software packages “seeing” and displaying the same image differently!

With FSIV the images all look the “same” but with FRV that is absolutely not the case

With FRV they are different

packages? What do you mean by this? A few words could help me understand.

@platypus DxPL is a software package, FastStone Image Viewer is a package, FastRawViewer is a package, PicMeta PIE is a package.

Currently DxPL, FSIV and PIE show the image one way and FRV and XnViewMP show it another and LR shows it the same way as FSIV etc…

So which package is showing the image correctly and why do we suddenly have a difference of interpretation!?

The (software) packages are variously image viewers, image editors etc…

What FSIV is showing depends on your settings : in Preferences / RAW / View RAW files in , you can select whether FSIV shows the JPEG preview or a preprocessed view of the RAW data (half or full size). Did you check this ? If you have selected RAW, check the related settings below the View RA Files in option.

You should also check whether there’s an equivalent option in the other software you are using.

@Pat91 Thanks for your reply and that goes for @platypus as well.

The images being viewed are exported JPEGs which FSIV handles well.

But the images came from tests conducted on my TEST machine and certainly came from PL7.5 and the PL7.4 images came from that same machine originally from PL7.3 DOPs but repeating the export on my main/daily machine does not appear to exhibit the same symptoms!?

Umm, no, at least not in the Windows world. Traditionally they would be called applications but these days they are frequently just called apps.

@stuck @Pat91 @platypus The issue is real but only in exports from my test machine so I need to investigate and possibly delete this post (I have changed the title already) @platypus how do I delete the topic while I investigate the possible cause?

My experience has been that an image with an embedded ICC color profile (ProPhoto in one of your images) will always display correctly on a color managed app or browser. The DxO PL default sRGB export setting, for some reason, still does not embed an ICC profile. These days even smartphones are embedding ICC profiles to avoid color ambiguities.

Have you tried the three dots left off the “Reply” arrow?

I understand that you have exported JPEGs using DPL versions 7.3, 7.4 and 7.5 and that exports of 7.3/4/5 look different.

If all versions are installed (works on Mac, but can’t say if it does on Win), output should be identical, unless you have changed something in customising or on export. Differences could still show, as far as I know, Windows colour management needs to be set and this might not be the case on your two PCs…

Ran a few tests on Mac and found output files of DPL versions 7.5 down to 7.1 look identical if customised and exported with the same settings. Slight differences are present, but I had to divide two images in PS and set a very steep tone curve to make them seen.

Output files (FLTR) DPL 7.5, 7.4, 7.3, 7.2, 7.1 and 6.15 - JPEG output (7.5. vs. 7.4) shown in large preview. Lesson learned: Using one computer and one set of settings, output will be identical within the limits of human visual abilities.

@platypus Thanks for your help. I have amended the opening post of the topic.

Unfortunately I was working on two machines, the edit options were identical (I checked and re-checked) but the export options were not and I didn’t even pick the same export option of each machine.

All the export options on my “Daily” machine are set to “As shot” but just one profile on the “Test” machine was set to “ProPhoto RGB” and that was the one I used!!

The sad part about this is that different packages handle the same image with the ‘ProPhoto’ ICC profile assigned in different ways and LR seemed to handles the image in the same way as FSIV and DxPL and …

Sorry about the “wild goose chase”!!

PS:- I also think I have been down this “rabbit hole” before or something similar!!

Ah, there we have it. Testing on one machine makes life easier because you can e.g. edit output settings files and don’t have to bother copying them over to the other PC, all while adjusting path names.

The easy way out would be to delete the output settings file before opening DPL. This would force defaults onto export.

@platypus Until you make a mistake and make a mess of your data. I will stick to two (it should have been three until an 8TB HDD failed so System 3 was “gutted” to replace the drive on System2, the “Daily” machine).

However, I believe that in DxPL(Win) the export lists are not external they are part of a config file!?

This cannot be a question of belief, you could probably find the settings somewhere buried in the guts of your Win-PC :wink:

As for using daily and test machines: I use the test machine with prod apps next to beta apps. Once I see how things go, I use beta software on the “daily” machine too. In case of DxO software, this has never messed my Mac up…and of course, I use time machine backups for restore, should I need it and separate copies of images to test with. I’ve also become quite efficient in removing all the particles installed by DxO and (getting slightly off-topic from here on) hope that they’re not falling back to the wild times of OpticsPro, where an external piece of s…ware was used that sprinkled crap over all volumes it could reach at any given moment - just for verifying that one used a legit copy. I understand a certain (small) degree of paranoia for copy protection, but if it goes as far as suspecting every customer to be a crook, people should seek advice and learn how to deal with customers in ways as to make them feel better rather than to make them angry. This can be done…but the execs need to a) want it and b) make sure that it happens.

I’ve looked at your two images in five different properly color managed apps (LR 6.14, FRV, Microsoft Photos, Topaz Photo AI, and DxO PL 7.50). In each case, the P750 (darker) – P740 (brighter) disparity is maintained.

Ditto FastStone Image Viewer with color management enabled.

Hi Bryan - wondering if one of your machines is Win 11 (system color management) and the other Win 10 (none)?

@eriepa Sorry I have been trying to ensure that both machines are “singing from the same hymn sheet” and doing some performance tests on each.

They are both Win10 systems one an Ryzen 5600G with an RTX 3060 and the other an i7-4790K with an RTX 2060 the third is an i7 4790K with a slightly faster (?) RTX 2060 but missing an 8TB drive and awaiting a rebuild (also a Win 10 system)!!??

Exporting as Prophoto RGB will force the receiving pc/program to render it to their default colorspace. Different rendering intent might be the source of the differences.


I suspect that the embedded ProPhoto color ICC profile has been a “red herring” in this discussion. In a properly color managed workflow an embedded ICC profile will increase, not decrease, the chances that an image will appear similar, if not identical, on different displays. Bryan’s images appear different in color managed apps and browsers despite the embedded ICC color profile. I speculate that this difference has its origins elsewhere.

Bryan reports that all three of his PCs are WIN 10 and I will assume his displays have remained constant. Platypus reports that output files are unchanged at export in the latest DxO PL version (MAC), and I’ve not noticed any changes in the latest PC version. Most probably then, the darker P750 export is “correct” and the result of different DxO PL settings at the instant of export.