PL6 no longer supports Canon EOS 1D RAW files?

PL6 displays only a small thumbnail image for my 1D RAW files, and the EXIF palette says the image is only 288x192px. Has 1D support been dropped?

That usually means that the file was shot in mRAW or sRAW, neither of which Photolab has ever supported.

There is no mRAW or sRAW file on Earth that is 288x192. Furthermore, the 1D has no such reduced-res RAW modes. It has only a 4MP sensor to begin with.

FWIW, Lightroom Classic displays the files just fine.

Well, I have been unable to launch PL5 since installing the PL6 trial, but I succeeded in launching PL4, and the 1D RAWs were similarly mishandled there, so I guess DxO hasn’t supported them for a long time, if they ever did.

You should be able to have both PLv5 and PLv6 installed without any problems, Jacques … I do.

Just check that they’re NOT both sharing the same database - as PLv5 won’t like that at all !

See Preferences: On Win-PL it looks like this; image

John M

Edit: I have duplicated this suggestion here, where Jacques asks this question explicitly.

I looked at DxO’s camera database and it appears that they never supported the 1D. The first camera in the 1D series that I can find there is the 1Ds which was introduced late in 2002, a year after the 1D was introduced.


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Thanks. I should have done my own homework, but I just couldn’t believe the 1D wasn’t supported.

Obviously, I haven’t worked on those 1D images in a long time.