PL6 - interaction with earlier Filmpack, Viewpoint and Nik versions

I have DXO Filmpack 5 Elite, Nik Collection 3 and DXO Viewpoint 3, all of which have been superseded by later numbered versions. I am currently using DXO Photolab 4 Elite.

I do NOT wish to upgrade Filmpack, Viewpoint or Nik Collection, but am interested in upgrading to Photolab 6 Elite.

Question: will my earlier versions of Filmpack, Viewpoint and Nik Collection referred to above work with Photolab 6 Elite?

Thank you.

I’m quite sure, but check → here

while on FP6, I still use VP3 and Nik 4 (+3)

…why not find out with the free 30 day trial?

It’s another case of figuring out where to look.

The Nik Collection 3 User’s Guide (can still be downloaded from specifies that compatible host applications include PhotoLab 2 and newer. I can think of no reason why PL6 wouldn’t support it. Even if it didn’t, you could still choose “Export to Application” and specify the path to the executable.

VP3 definitely is supported in PL6. So is FP5.

Great, thank you all.

For FilmPack and ViewPoint, on this page, scroll down, last table.
And here is Nik Collection compatibility table

Thanks for the links :+1:

@DxOStaffPO I would be a good idea to implement a info about the last date/time when such sites were updated


Thanks for the tables.

The tables show that Nik Collection 3 plugins are NOT compatible with Photolab 6.


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You can still use Nik Collection 3 though. Export the files and open them with the Nik app of your choice. It’s less convenient, but might save you a few headaches because you know exactly how Nik3 behaves.

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Thanks, understood.

However, as I read the tables given in the links above it appears Photolab 5 and Photolab 6 continue to remain compatible with Adobe products from 2019 and 2020.

I bought Nik Collection 3 in 2020 (I think) and it is DXO’s OWN PRODUCT. Why is NIK Collection 3 not similarly compatible?

Only DxO can tell for sure and they usually don’t comment in such details.

Don’t bother if you MacOS Catalina. DxO - without warning - have discarded Catalina support.

I have Filmpack 6, but Viewpoint 3.

They seem to integrate the same as they always have on PL6. So I can’t say anything for sure for your Filmpack5, but for Viewpoint3 at least an upgrade is not needed.

Sorry I forgot – Nik 4 is compatible w/ PL5 and now PL6, but not Nik 3.

I still use Nik 3 for my old PS, which doesn’t work w/ Nik 4 and higher due to different code
→ see above.

Or, for more convenience; use the Export to application option:

John M