PL6.1 Keyword search still totally inadequate

A long time ago now, when DxO first started to build its DAM for PL, I pointed out a major failing in the metadata search mechanism - the lack of being able to OR criteria.

This becomes apparent when I create three hierarchies…


And then I mark three different images with one of each of those hierarchies.

Now, I want to create an imaginary magazine article on the theme of the word Orange and use images from my library to illustrate its use, no matter what the context.

I go to the search field and start to enter Orange

Capture d’écran 2022-12-09 à 12.25.44

I am offered the choice of Orange in three hierarchical contexts but there is no way to choose just the keyword Orange on its own or to cover all three possibilities. So, I come to the conclusion that I am going to have to add all three hierarchies.

Capture d’écran 2022-12-09 à 12.26.55

But I am defeated as the list shows that the other two hierarchies are either not referenced anywhere or, as it turns out, I am prohibited from ORing the other two hierarchies.

In fact, it turns out that ORing any predicate with any other predicate is not allowed, unless it is with a predicate from another category such as focal length, aperture, etc.

Within any category, the only option for combining predicates is to AND them. Now, it might seem logical to prohibit ORing where there is only one possibility per category, but it is downright useless where we need to search for more than one keyword.

And it doesn’t just affect my “test” hierarchies. It also bars me from searching for combinations of non-hierarchical keywords like Nature Morte and Fruit

@Cecile-C can you flag this please?

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In April 2020 I made the suggestion to add the operators “OR” and “NOT” in the search function. That would make that function something really effective.

Dear Joanna,

thanks for digging this out again. During EA5 phase we pointed to the not existing Boolean search parameters like AND, OR, NOT …

That was one of the reasons I have a discussion with one of the DXO members :innocent:

It’s a little bit like in “Groundhog Day”

Well, according to the release notes, they did tickle the edges…

  • Une nouvelle option a été ajoutée à la recherche d’images afin de prendre en compte la hiérarchie complète des mots-clés

I suppose two years isn’t all that bad to wait for basic functionality like Boolean logic :wink: :roll_eyes:

A 4th choice should appear with the keyword Orange alone with the number 3 to be able to select all the images with this keyword.

In addition, if there was a possibility to save the search entries (like we can save projects) , we’d basically have smart albums, which would be a big plus.

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