PL5 - Having to Force Quit during start up

I have been using Photolab 5 for sometime successfully, but today I got the ‘twirling coloured disc’ shortly after start up and had to ‘Force Quit’. Have tried several times and on 1 occasion Saw photos in the film strip at the bottom of the screen but no photo in the workspace above. Not sure where to go with this one. Any ideas would be welcome.

Hi Terry - I have suffered the exact same issue and only from today, too.

I have no idea why - although I’m slightly relieved to see I’m not alone with the issue.


This is the same problem as described here: DXO Photolab 5 hanging (MacOS)

There seems to be a workaround:

  • Disable network connection,
  • start PL5,
  • re-enable network connection.

Brilliant. Yes, that workaround resolves the problem for me too. How strange that it happened for both of us at the same time. Does it require a DXO fix I wonder? Thanks very much.

I’m 100% certain that it does. It has nothing to do with Monterey 12.3.

Agreed. I am on Monterey v 12,2,1 and I still had the problem although the work around seems to be ok. But what caused the problem in the first place is still a mystery. Let’s hope DXO research and resolve it.

Indeed, same problem as in DXO Photolab 5 hanging (MacOS).

We’re looking into this. Please refer to that other post for updates.