DXO Photolab 5 hanging (MacOS)

All of a sudden DXO Photolab 5 is hanging on me randomly - at start up, when trying to display files, exporting to application, when checking for updates. Anyone else having issues before I try a re-install?

MacOS Monterey 12.2.1, Photolab 5.1.2 build 53.

TIA, Hedley

jamais eu ce souci (même configuration)

never had this problem (same configuration)

I have the same problem, after the update to Monterey 12.3 Photolab will not start only the main screen is visible and a beach ball. I will search for another program …

@papidou Neither had I - until today.

This sounds like a problem with the Monterey update, not PL5. Can you back out the update?

I can confirm the same behaviour. PL5 starts but doesn’t show any window anymore since upgrading to Monterey 12.3.

@DxO can you please look into this? Thanks!

@DxO …I’m not on Monterey 12.3 yet, please don’t forget 12.2.1 !

@sgospodarenko can you help?

Only Photolab does not work anymore, so I assume its a Photolab problem.

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I can confirm the same behaviour too. PL5 starts but doesn’t show any window anymore. Monterey 12.2.1 !

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The same problem (no window showing up after start) not only occurs when starting PhotoLab 5 but also when starting DxO FilmPack 6. It should at least show a window but the application will simply hang and do nothing.

Quick update: when I disable my wifi connection (my only network connection active) I can start PL5 without problems. I can actually repeatedly start it without problems as long as the network connection is disabled. Whenever I quit PL5, enable my network connection and start PL5, it will hang. So I’m 100% sure that there’s something wrong on DxO’s side, probably with content loaded from DxO on startup. When I start PL5 with disabled network connection, I can enable it after PL5’s start and it will continue to work.

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Thanks CS!

That works - now we just need DxO to get their collective finger out and solve their issue so using DxO isn’t a trip into a time before the internets.


Hi Andrew,

you can re-enable the network connection right after starting PL5. It seems like it’ll continue working.

I opened a support case for this issue.

This seems like PL is “phoning home” or the “DxO hub” is failing to connect.

@sgospodarenko is this something you can help with?

Little Snitch will help you here. Just cut off DxO’s internet access. The only time allowing DxO to phone home is useful to an end user is when licensing, checking for updates and downloading new lens profiles (which shouldn’t happen that often to a photographer who usually uses the same cameras and lenses).

Unfortunately, Little Snitch is a fairly expensive fix for someone who doesn’t normally care about security at $45. Also on sale right now at BundleHunt for $29. Happily Objective Development upgrades are not that frequent. Little Snitch is on version 6 after about 15 years of development.

If you do install Little Snitch and see the constant connections being made without your knowledge, you’ll never trust Apple or most software developers ever again, especially Adobe. Without Little Snitch, your computer is active spyware, working against you at all time.

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12.3 on iMac: PL5.1.2 shows beachball (two screen setup)
12.3 on M1 MBA: PL5.1.2 starts up.

CaptureOne and a dozen other apps survived the update and some became a bit faster starting-up.

M1 MacBook Pro freshly upgraded to 12.3 last night. PL5 loads and runs normally for me.

And 12.3 shall forever be known to me as the magic release because it finally solved my iCloud sync problem… 841 days after I first reported it!

You have been far more patient with it than I would have been!!!

I suppose I am tempting fate a little here, but so far I have to report that PL5 is running fine on all my macOS 12.3 computers - a 2017 iMac, M1 MacBook Air and M1 Mac Mini.

Did you undock your image browser @Aearenda ? Are you running one version on two screens? I really think, here’s a problem. With standard window, no problems, with undocked browser the library tab is highlighted, but the list of folders looks weird.
Bildschirmfoto 2022-03-17 um 07.53.24
Bildschirmfoto 2022-03-17 um 07.54.03
and the only app remaining unaccessible is Dxo PL. So, to me it is a DxO bug.