PL5.3.1 optics module download process took a very long time, then crashed


In PhotoLab 5, I selected a folder on my C: drive that I’m sure I’d examined before, but not since indexing my photo folders a few days ago. PL popped up a window wanting to download optics modules for a particular camera and lens with which every photo in the folder was taken. I went ahead with the download as usual, and the progress meters went to completion. Then nothing happened, except I could hear my other hard drives being accessed heavily. (C: is an SSD, the other drives are mostly HDDs.) This went on for about ten minutes, with the download progress window still open the entire time. Then the disk access died down, followed by a crash in PL.

The folder contains only RAW and JPEG image files from the camera. No sidecars.

When I restarted PL5, it opened up in the same folder with all optics modules applied.

I’ve uploaded with the folder of images, crash file, and log file. Thanks for looking into it.

Good morning Greg!

Thank you for the files. Well, I do not have any issue with the modules to your folder. I’ll pass the crash report to the developers to see if it’s the temporary issue with the server or something with the PC.

Svetlana G.

Back to you. Greg, could you, please, remove the modules and try to reproduce it again? We want to know if it’s easy reproducible on your side.

Thank you
Svetlana G.

I restarted PL5, removed the two optics modules, then reopened the folder where those photos are. I reinstalled the modules: the process completed normally and quickly.

When the problem occurred, it seemed PL5 was doing a lot more than just installing optics modules, given the extensive file system access going on and the long delay. It didn’t seem like it was just a coincidence: the file system thrashing began and ended in step with whatever PL was doing. Also, up to this point installing optics modules has been slower than normal, with a delay after the download. Only just now, with this retest, did it happen quickly like I remember in the past. I hope that helps.

Yes, thank you. We will investigate. Please, let us know if you face it again and run DopDump file as soon as crash window appears. This issue is rather tricky to reproduce on our side. (859.3 KB)

P.S. Could you, please also provide us with the log from the day of the crash?

Thank you,
Svetlana G.

Thanks, Svetlana. I already gave you the log file in the ZIP archive. But here it is again. I appreciate the effort needed and am most grateful. (348.8 KB)

Thank you!

P.S. The developer can’t find some important issue in it. Could you, please pack the whole Log files – %UserProfile%\Documents\DxO PhotoLab 5 logs and provided it to us?

Once again, thank you!