Lens/camera module installer is slow and sometimes hangs

I just upgraded to PL5 (V5.4) so I have to download/install a number of camera/lens modules and usually just let PL decide when they are needed. It works most of the time but several times now it has failed to finish. The Module Installer dialog shows the downloads have happened and it just sits there. I have had a couple others that took 30 seconds or so before completing so I left the dialog up for a while (at least 10 minutes, usually more) and it never completed. I eventually kill off PL via task manager. When I restart it, the lens/camera module appears to be installed and working.

I started a manual install of 9 modules and it took 6 minutes to complete. Not having a progress indicator after the downloads (which went fairly fast, maybe 20 seconds for 9 modules) makes it hard to know if it is hung/crashed or just still working.

[edit] Windows 10.


Hi @phillip.lyne.barrett / Phil

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You didn’t specify on which system you are Mac or Win?

I can tell you that I’m on Windows 10 and Mac Monterey 12.5.1 and it works on both system without the delay you described. Just this morning at Mac system I downloaded some modules for Canon and Fuji for testing and if I remember correct it must have been about 10 modules and it took me less then 1 minute, and I could work without closing DXO.

So at the moment no idea what happens on your system

And within your Account preferences you could fill your System and Equipment, which makes it more easy for the crowd to answer

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Hello and welcome.

i believe there have been some reports about downloads which hammered DxOs delivery servers a bit too much which caused the system to block the IP.

DxO staff was able to get the block removed after the problems was raised with them.

Reading about that problem appears not to be the same.

Sorry, Windows 10.

No problem,

should work well if the complete internet connection and the response time of the server is okay.
haven’t had any problems since using DXO starting with OpticsPro 7.2


I had this problem with PL5. After removing the optics modules, restarting, and trying again, the problem didn’t recur:

A bit more information. I have put PL on my D: drive. Perhaps that is an issue. Also, I just timed a new DxO Optics Module download/install. 67 seconds to get the “completed” dialog box. The progress bars went to full (as shown here in the attached screen shot image) within 2 seconds and then it sat like that for for the rest of the time. The disk seemed to be rattling the entire time. Consistent with previous download/installs.

Thanks for looking into this.

… maybe to apply the profile to all pics (in that folder), e.g. when it was your most used lens.