PL3 and Nik Collection?

Just a simple question. I’ m using PL3 (Elite version / upgraded from PL2 Elite), and I wonder if you consider it worth (money and functionality), to also buy Nik Collection. I know that, in the end it’ s all up to me and my preferences, but I like to read about your experiences here.
After all, it’s € 100,- extra (which I think is much, compared to the PL3 price).

Thank you very much!

I just asked a similar question. So
I downloaded the trial version and my conclusion was, for how I work, it didn’t give me anything I couldn’t do with FilmPack and ViewPoint

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Thank you Joanna!

I think the Nik Collection is a good package for the money if you find it broadly useful. I sometimes use Color Efex Pro 4, which has some nice filters - but wouldn’t have bought the whole Nik Collection just for that. (My copy was given to me and isn’t the latest release.) The rest largely overlaps with PhotoLab and FilmPack, though there are some differences that sometimes matter. For example, Dfine’s noise removal is great for certain types of severe noise patterns that PRIME can’t handle. HDR Efex Pro is one of many products offering HDR image enhancement; its approach doesn’t suit my taste. I’ve only used Nik by itself or with PhotoLab - not as a plugin to something else (which would make the products more useful to some as an alternative to the rest of DxO’s software).

If you do a lot of B&W then Silver Efex Pro is a very useful program.


agree, Silver Efex is very powerful. I also like Viveza and Color Efex.
Have a look here:

and here, it uses NIK collection 1 but is a very good series.

Watch it and decide for yourself if it is woth it for you.


Thank you Greg, Mark and Sigi. For the time being and for the money, I think I’ ll stay with PL3 without Nik Collection.