NIK videos and tutorials

A few interesting videos and tutorials.
Feel free to add more links in this thread.
I will try to keep a summary in this first message for easy access.

Playlist with 8 videos, one per Nik plugin:
by Anthony Morganti

Playlist with 4 videos for Silver Efex Pro
by Robin Whalley


I found this video easy to watch and it explains quite wel the possibilities you have above dxopl v2.

one of the problems now a days with photocorrection software is the large amount of options and variarions to get the results you like to have.
A lot of his explained examples would be also possible inside Photolab but probable not that easy.


Thanks, Peter_S - - There are some good value user-interface tips in this video by Dan Hughes.

For example;

  • Dan shows how to zoom in/out using keyboard controls
    – Ctrl/plus-key will zoom-in
    – Ctrl/minus-key will zoom-out
    – Ctrl/zero(0) will set zoom to available screen size

  • Near the end of the video, Dan shows how to copy Control-Points between Filters in the same Recipe Stack … using the drop-down menu located near to the CloseFilter/X button.

Regards, John M