Pink Highlights

Please fix bug where highlights show pink when dng is then read in with other editors, e.g., C1. Adobe DNG converter does not do this colorization.


Although the name of this forum section obviously implies that someone at DxO is reading/monitoring it, we are no longer sure that they actually do.

You should rather contact the support directly and report this problem as others did. This is the only way to make them possibly react.


The name changed from into I don’t think anybody from dxo is reading this.


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Perhaps, but that is still speculation. It is true they have not been posting or responding to posts here for a while except for @Marie with camera/lens support updates. However it doesn’t necessarily mean they are not monitoring this site regularly.


@mwsilvers I am not sure about the regularly bit. The problem is that keeping up with the many and various posts, except (perhaps) the original post for a new topic, is a time consuming exercise!

@azmerm I suggest that you make a post to the forum to alert other users to the issue and/or make a request for help/guidance and once it appears that you have definitely found an issue then raise a support request as suggested by @Pat91 (which you may have done already given the 1 count).

The support request is extremely regimented but there is no reason why you cannot include a URL to the topic post you have made amongst the explanation of the fault in the support request report.

It is always useful to identify the operating system (or even systems) either in your forum identification and/or the topic itself.

Hi everyone,

Please see (and possibly approve) this request :

Just as an fyi regarding the Nikon ZF pureraw pink highlights, I worked with support and they have agreed to fix the bug.

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@azmerm, we cannot see the report & response because it’s a ticket you posted with your personal ID and password. It’s still good to hear that the bug was recognised and will be fixed in a future update.

the issue of pink highlights with Nikon Zf in DxO PureRAW 3 will be fixed in one of the next updates


Has this already been fixed in PureRAW version 4?

Hasn’t been fixed in v4 unfortunately…

Hello, fix for pink highlights on Nikon Zf images is not in PureRAW 4 but a version 4.0.1 to be released soon will have it. I hope it will be next week but I don’t have confirmation yet. Thank you for your understanding.