PhotoLab NIK interoperability

I have written some bug reproduction steps here. May be this can help to make the tools better:,13918.0.html


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I have installed the NIK collection just for fun to see how PhotoLab could work with it. I have found the following bugs:

  1. Select a directory which contains a raw file in PhotoLab (CR2 in my case)
  2. Select the raw in the film strip
  3. Export to application -> “Silver Effex Pro 2, Process as TIFF and export, 16-bit”
  4. In Silver Effex press “Save”

=> Bug 1: The TIFF disappears from the film strip in PhotoLab
=> Bug 2: Selecting “Refresh” from the folder’s context menu does not show the TIFF in the filmstrip again.

  1. Select a different folder, and reselect the previous one

=> Bug 3: The TIFF is displayed with the extension “tif_tmp2”, while on disc it is only “tif”
=> Bug 4: While the input TIFF to Silver Efex had no missing optical module indication, the output TIFF has one. This is inconsistent behavior for me.

Maybe these bugs are fixed with the upcoming release, but here they are, in case if not.

We’ll investigate the behavior.
Thank you
Svetlana G.


if the developers are looking at this, maybe they can add a remove button to the “Export to application” dialog, so that it is possible to remove an application from the combo box, if it is no longer needed. Something like this:



Excellent suggestion …

Small enhancements like this make for a much more sophisticated tool.

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The issue with the incorrect behavior while doing Export to Nik is resolved. You’ll be able to test it with the next release.

Svetlana G.

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