Photolab 5 Today?

The DXO web site is currently unavailable apart from a banner page saying “Something exciting is coming…” perhaps today is Photolab 5 launch day!

Best wishes, Peter


yes i think…

Or… Any news on the next version (5) of photolab? - DxO PhotoLab - DxO Forums

bin there, don that! 1999 Geesh one of my first road trips with @ companycar (finaly a car which didn’t needed repairs on route… )

(i didn’t learn about DoF yet back then… :wink: )
Scan of a print so in small you don’t see it.
UPS was just starting in Europe!!!


New PhotoLab and new Filmpack! So Mark Silvers (or what’s his name?) has to create some more Presets for these film emulations.

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As a matter of interest will PL5 be fully featured if used with the previous version of Film Pack?

I certainly hope you were asking me if I would create additional presets for the new film types in FilmPack 6. It sounded like an order, but I attribute that to English being a second language for you. There are not very many new film types and if I have the opportunity in the next week or so I will create and release additional presets for them.



Dear Mark, sorry for misspelling your name. That was of course a wish of mine, not an order! I love these presets and use them a lot. So I would be very happy if you find the time for it.

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Ok its there, but don’t understand the offering for me. Or rather I find it misleading. Filmpack 5 is telling me, there is an update. But when I click on update, it is opening the page for buying Filmpack 6.

It works for me

Is PL 5 Apple Silicone native? Can’t seem to find any information on it.

Go on the DxO start page. Log in in the upper right corner and then go to “Upgrade”. There you find all offers. If you already have PL and Filmpack, then you can use the brown bundle button.

May be here

Thank you, but I may not have expressed myself correctly. I was only concerned that the app tells me update available, which is not true because it is an upgrade. Should DXO perhaps change. Anyway, already installed everything :wink:

No, just tried it.

Well that’s kick in the … So us with M1 machines are not getting the full benefit. Anyone at DXO know when it’s coming or do we have to wait until PL6 next year?

I realized it was just in a language issue and it was actually a hope on your part rather than an order.:slight_smile: I will be creating presets for the new film types and should be able to make them available before the end of the month. Creating and testing a few more presets doesn’t take very long, but I’m very busy right now and have to find the time to do it.



OK if you use Fuji, but no M1, and Apple just released new Apple silicon machines on which Photolab would absolutely fly … I’ll buy 5 when they add M1 support.

Unfortunately this upgrade offers nothing useful to me, so I’m very dissapointed, especially if you consider the price increase from 199 to 219 euro for new customers and i think, the last years upgrade was 10 Euro cheaper at starting.

Better U-Point technology? I hardly used U-Points in the past
Metadata management? Never thought about that
Faster Deep Prime? I have no Apple device and the speed was ok with Windows
Support for Fuji? I have no Fuji camera


Silicon should be supported, related to their website.