Photolab 5 & Nik Collection 4 every photo is green

Hi all, I have a strange problem in Photolab 5 & Nik Collection 4 all of a sudden every photo is green.
No matter if jpg, tiff or raw, everything is displayed green. In preview, edit, plugin or standalone.

I tried to google the problem so far i didn’t find anything related.

what can I do to solve this, has anyone encountered something similar?

thanks for any hint

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I guess, you have checked your pics with different viewer(s) too?

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Please share an original RAW file and the associated .dop sidecar file.
Use a sharing service to do it.

Yes of course, so far only dxo products on my end seem to have this issue
I tried on1 photo raw 2023, skylum luminar neo and windows foto app, they all display the pictures in a normal way.

This is the first time I’ve heard of a this. The fact that it affects only DXO products and every file type in both PhotoLab and the Nik Collection is very strange. You say all of a sudden. I presume everything was fine at some earlier point. Were there any hardware changes or software changes that you’re aware of around the time this problem started?

Can you provide us with a screenshot of PhotoLab and a screenshot of the Nik Collection so we can see exactly what you’re seeing? If the image you are seeing in the Nik Collection was created from a green one in PhotoLab, that might explain the Nik Collection issue. In that event, I would focus on what’s causing the problem in PhotoLab.

Have you rebooted your computer since this problem occurred? That would be my first suggestion if you have not done so. If the problem remains, I suggest reinstalling PhotoLab over your existing installation… There may be a corruption of some kind that a ireinstall may resolve.


Ok i will do that after work,
however I also tried to delete any sidecar files from a test folder, makes no difference.
I don’t think the files are the problem it must be something else. Cause there is not one foto ich is displayed correctly and that’s really strange.
when I open a folder for the first time in the first moment I see the foto correctly but as soon as the preview is build up it’s green.

Maybe you’ve accidentally activated a preset. Initially, you’ll see the built-in preview, then, the images are processed. I have a few green images, but they are green because I took them with a UniWB setting…

I tried to open a file directly with nik collection and not passing through Photolab the same issue.
I got aware of the issue cause i wanted to use collor effex 4 as a pugin in on1 photo raw 2023 and I got that green photo, so I went to Photolab 5 and wanted to go to color effex from there but then I saw all the fotos are green.
I didn’t change anything hardware wise but i updatedet graphiccard driver last week.

Nvidia game ready driver 526.47
RTX 2070 Super 8 Gb Ram
Windows 1,1 64 GB Ram
AMD 3900XT

No, I also tried to reset any adjustment, but the photos are green anyway

here some screenshots of my issue

tiff directly opend in color effex 4

Edit view in Dxo Photolab 5.5

Library view in DXO 5.5

Metadata in the third screenshot say that white balance was set to “Wolframlicht”.
This definitely feels wrong in a daylight shot, but it does not explain the green tint.

Anyway, try to white balance the images and see if that helps…

this is your screenshot

and from my screen (still in German)

… so there is definitely something wrong with your graphic engine.
You may try the so-called studio driver instead.

in the settings of CEP4
Screen Shot 11-04-22 at 12.16 AM
check if your GPU is supported

I remember there were some problems and one had to disable the “Use GPU …”, but that should not turn the title bar into this ugly colour.

As @platypus has so well spotted though you have set the camera to ‘AutoWhiteBalance’ it has picked Tungsten Lighting. That is a mystery due to daylight scenes

In PL on the Customise, the Colour Tab if you go to “Raw Balance” and pick a more appropriate WB the green will disappear. I have checked this by looking at one of my daylight wildlife images and picking Tungsten and it sure goes green tinted!

I can only suggest you look at this aspect and try what I suggest and see what happens?

PS could Nik Collection 4 have globally altered the WB choice?

There is nothing wrong with the color of the title bar as it is set automaticly by windows in base of the main color of the current desktop background

I tried different drivers too but nothing changes

Unfortunately white balance does not cause or resolve the issue, no matter of the white balance all fotos have this green issue. Also black&white pictures are green

Please share one of the RAW files or get in touch with

Ok – do other programs show the same colour in the title bar?

Did you uncheck the “Use of GPU …” in Nik? What happened? Did Nik operate different, slower?

in PL5.5.0 Build 4770 check what you have set here

maybe reinstall PL5

I had a look in the list of the supported cameras + lenses. You used
Screen Shot 11-04-22 at 11.04 AM
while DxO’s list shows something like …EZ… ???

Not to forget, upload one of the affected pics, that is the raw-file with it’s dop, and also the unaltered out-of-camera jpg – in case you took it aside with the raw-file when photographing.

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i tried reinstalling photolab and the nik collection, still everything green :frowning:

what would be the best way to share raw and dop file?

dropbox, google drive etc., basically anything that you can access…

here’s the wetransfer link:

please take look