Photolab 5 & Nik Collection 4 every photo is green

I did get the same green color when using the white balance color picker on the streetlights. PL6.

Well, not exactly the same.

Both temperature and tint to a minimum.

Looks more like it.


of course, you can make it green that way, my problem is everything is green out of the box no matter of the settings. Even black and white settings are green:

everything dxo related is green:

in on1 photoraw 2023 and in windows explorer and picture viewer they look fine

No problem for me with the two transmitted files, no green cast.
I tested both cases: opening by PL5 without the transmitted .dop file, and with the original .dop.
(Also tested in PL6: no problem either)

Likewise here in PL5

No problems with the two images in Lightroom Classic, DPL5 and DPL6.
Lightroom, std. preset

DPL5, No Correction preset

DPL6, No Correction preset + tone curve

Looks like something has fallen ill on your PC

Nevertheless, those streetlights are less than ideal for good colour rendition, but again, it’s not what causes your problems.

not a good idea. The lights are blown and should not be used for WB. Better use e.g. the sidewalk (marked below). Click around until you get what you like.

I know. Just trying to get a green color.


get Fast Raw Viewer and switch it to UniWB

I’ am sure the files are not the problem, it must be something system related but it is strange that so far only my dxo products seems affected

The only thing I can think off is something in the preferences like OpenCl.


I found the culprit
 it is related to the new hdr calibration tool introduced with the windows 11 22H2 update
without hdr calibration there is no green color issue. not sure whose bug it is. Please can someone counter check that?

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ah ok – just had done some tests w/ your files in PL5 and 6, but nothing so greenish 

(otherwise I don’t know – being on Win10 / Eizo CG2730, tested w/ sRGB + AdobeRGB)

If you have a hdr display please run the windows hdr calibration tool and report back, thanks


I have found this page Calibrate your HDR display using the Windows HDR Calibration app (

Where it says
“Calibrate your HDR (high dynamic range) display for a better experience with HDR content on your Windows 11 PC. The Windows HDR Calibration app helps you improve color accuracy and consistency. It also lets you customize how vividly colors will appear for both HDR and SDR (standard dynamic range) content when HDR is turned on.”

The question I ask myself, is whether you have an HDR capable display or not, what is the purpose in ‘turning this function on’ within W11. Where, as we are all surely all concerned about photographic colour accuracy, in a post processing environment???

PS (today Nov 6th) just to add, that all too often I read of monitors (and graphics cards?) aimed at gaming and talking of HDR ‘mode’ to enhance the gaming experience. In other words not aimed at the creative’ss users. Thus, why would it be appropriate to let the OS take over the control of your monitor in such a manner???

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