PhotoLab 5.2 Crashing

Photolab 5.2 keeps crashing when I load a photo, either via LR or directly. I have uninstalled, rebooted PC and reinstalled, all to no avail. Help please!

More information, like Windows or Mac at least would be helpful


I use a PC running Windows 10, fully up to date.

Even Though its Mac on my side, I had several crashes yesterday in the evening too.

Mostly happened while:

  • Creating new Presets
  • Renaming Presets
  • I think one or two even just while clicking and selecting a new image (but might be related to other stuff)

System: MacBookPro 2016 with 12.3.1

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Good morning!

Please, create a ticket via

Svetlana G.

Crashing here too. 5.14 installs and runs fine as have all previous versions.
Windows 11, all updated. 64Gb ram, SSD programs drive. 5.2 installs, but always get message “Program has stopped responding” then I have to stop it somehow. I get a popup about contacting tech support with a code, but after installing 5.2 three times, and then reinstalling 5.14 PLEASE don’t make me install it again just to get the error code. The program is hitting some sort of memory wall after starting.

Same here with a 2019 16" macbook pro and Monterey (12.2.1). Photolab is UNUSABLE. The ticket has been sent. Aren’t there beta testers over there to avoid this kind of problem?

as no problem in Win 10
→ check if there is something in Win 11 (or the display driver) causing the trouble

Photolab update crashes on launch every time. Windows 10 Pro i5 20Gb ram (program and default folder both on SSD).
I’ve tried rebooting - still crashes. Reinstalling and rebooting again - still crashes.
I restored my system to revert to the previous Photolab version which runs fine.

I created a support ticket yesterday evening.

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The same problem with a similar configuration (Win10 Pro i7 32Gb Ram SSD). Problem already reported.

As soon as it happens again I will. Runs perfectly fine since those early crashes. :melting_face:

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Same here windows 10 i7 256 ssd ram

Same here. I wish I was back in Business with my new laptop received yesterday, but PL 5.2 is crashing at start-up. Windows 11, fully patched, RTX 3060. Reinstalling does not helps. My guess it is an issue with Microsoft OneDrive I mistakenly activated at startup. I completely uninstalled this (annoying) thing but the laptop is now sometime throwing messages telling that some OneDrive folders does not exist. Case open with the Support.
The crash report shows System.TypeInitializationException: The type initializer for 'System.IO.DirectoryInfoEx' threw an exception. ---> System.ArgumentException: Invalid csidl -2147024893 at System.IO.DirectoryInfoEx.CSIDLtoPIDL(CSIDL csidl) at System.IO.DirectoryInfoEx..cctor()

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Same problem here (Windows 10). Complete deinstallation, reboot and reinstallation did not work. Version 5.1.4 runs fine.

Good morning guys,

A question to those who have crashes on startup: do you have your filmstrip hidden when you start the application?

Svetlana G.

Hi Svetlana
Considering what you asked about the filmstrip I tried to open PL5 without opening an image (the Windows default Pictures folder empty) and before opening any picture folder I unhide the filmstrip and… I was able to open a image folder without a crash :hugs: When hiding the filmstrip again and restarting PL5, it crashed. So I guess you are right about the filmstrip :+1:

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Okay, thank you for the confirmation. So yes, the hidden filmstrip is a fault. We are working on the fix.

Svetlana G.

I have the same issue on my Microsoft Surface 6 - Windows 10, 16G memory, fully up to date maintenance. The crash occurs as soon as I try to open a file. The crash automatically sent a report when it happened. Fortunately I kept a copy of the 5.1.4 installation download so I was able to reinstall from that. But I also use a desktop Dell PC and that is running 5.2 OK - also Windows 10, 16G memory, fully up to date maintenance.

A new version has been released v5.2.0 build 4732 to fix this problem.

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Seems to fix crashing for me. Thank you for expediting this fix.