PhotoLab 5.2 Crashing

Build 4732 fixed the crashing I experienced with the previous build; Windows 11 build 22000.556

Good morning,
And thank you for the confirmation guys!

Svetlana G.

Crashes on opening an image here too since recent update to WIndows 10 64x (2JH2 OS Build 19044.2075) last week.

Hi Mack,
the recent version is PL5.5.0 Build 4770.

That the DxO version I have, i.e. PL5.5.0 Build 3770 that crashes. It will not allow me time to send the crash report either as it closes quickly. Reloaded and Repair, but it still crashes.

However, I did find out why. The folder with the image had a sidecar .xmp file sidecar from Capture One 2022 so maybe why it crashes. I put the ORF image into a folder by itself and DxO PL 5 works as it should.

Fixed. - I hope.