One-stop shop for cropping

Getting fed up with having to activate the cropping tool on the top toolbar, then having to go all the way down to the bottom toolbar to select an aspect ratio.

How about incorporating a drop-down menu from the button on the top toolbar instead?

Quick mockup…

Except the crop icon would take the place of the dropdown arrow.

@StevenL how about a rapid promotion for this on your famous list?

How about a keyboard shortcut too?


I’m not sure how that would help with selecting an aspect ratio

Great idea @Joanna. I’m guessing PL 8 or PL 9. What’s your best guess? :wink:



I simply activate this crop tool by typing “R” which bring it.
And as usually at this stage I have my cursor on the lower part of the image, it’s quicker to go to the bottom to change ratio.

So for me the current status is the better one.

I have voted. It is like that on other software and works well.
C1 Crop Menu


And a dropdown menu for the ViewPoint.


That would make sense :+1:

I never thought about it because it’s one of several tools at the top of the screen. But it’s a good idea.

@Pathal, this option with the keyboard shortcut “R”, is that a Mac <> Windows thing again? Or English <=> German? The shortcut doesn’t work on my Windows machine and I can’t find another one for the cropping tool in the list of all shortcuts.

It’s no wonder nobody finds shortcuts in this absolute mess! In the manual, there are some shortcuts for Mac only, others are completely different. And the manual doesn’t even show all possible shortcuts, for that you need to go into “Hilfe > Tatstaturkürzel” in German.

Good luck finding anything in this non-alphabetical haystack.


I’m on Mac and I don’t think that it’s French only.

I’ve checked the documentation to verify if it is indicated for Windows, but it is not even listed in Mac shortcuts!

@StevenL ,
it may be useful to update the documentation for this.

And as we are in the Crop UI, don’t forgot that you can use the Shift key to go from constraint to unconstraint.

Thank you for pointing out this haystack full of needles. Would you believe, in five years of using PL, I still hadn’t discovered many of those “shortcuts”?

And don’t forget that pressing the Esc key doesn’t cancel any changes with the current tool, it simply closes and saves them, just like the Enter key does.

This is totally against expectations when compared with most other apps.


And, @StevenL while you’re at it (of course, you aren’t): Please find someone who could bring some order in this weird chaos! Apparently the order comes from anywhere, just not alphabetical. To make it worse, there’s no sorting possibility, no searching possibility, no display of shortcuts right of the menu entry, no consistent terminology between the help bubbles and the wording in PL’s shortcut list (Referenzbild anzeigen ≠ Vergleichen!) - hey guys, if you hate shortcuts that much (according to how you DxO people (des)integrate them) just leave them away!

This is how one learns shortcuts:

Your list in the help menu is how to forget them quickly.

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How to forget what? Ah! Toast… :exploding_head:

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Absolutely. :grinning: and even if you had them discovered, you’d likely forget the rarely used ones anyway – at least I do… . I don’t work very often with shortcuts but occasionally they would make life easier for routine jobs, they could be used for devices like loupe deck or Wacom tablets.

As there was already effort involved to generate shortcuts, I simply don’t know why something that can be done can’t be done well.

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Searching in this bloody list let me quickly forget what I’m looking for before I have a chance to find it.

I once made screenshots and PDFed them while I was trying to make a Loupedeck Live device working together with PL. Used text recognition to put this commands into a spreadsheet. Just to find out, the list in the manual and the one in the help menu are very far away from each other and contain contradictions.

Then I gave up on that and send the thing back.

@JoJu, how did you get this help list? I can’t find anything like this in my PhotoLab’s Help menu or in the manual. It looks completely different here:

(I copied the two pages of the corresponding help menu one below the other, hence the small gap))

I think one of the biggest problems with shortcuts is that they are often (if not always) not localised.

I am English by birth but I live in France and end up having to think in two languages every day.

Je me retrouve souvent à penser en français alors que je travaille dans une situation en anglais et vice versa.

Et alors on a des raccourcis comme celui pour la pipette de balance des blancs (W) - presumably for “white balance pipette” in English.

But, for the red eye tool, the shortcut is Y, which is easier to remember in French because it is (Y) - presumably for “yeux rouges”

Mummy - my brain hurts :face_with_head_bandage:

in Windows → Crtl + …

and from the bottom up instead of short mouse travel just below the top bar

Absolutely. That bothers me a lot too.