One-stop shop for cropping

Oh my, that’s even worse than the Mac version… :cry:

Like I wrote and you found it in the help menu. On the Mac version, it starts collapsed

After opening one suspicious title bar I might see another (pointless) structure.

To make things really funny, some titles contain one command (Reparieren > Maske löschen) … And as you can see, Maske löschen has two different shortcuts. Yet only one deletes the repair mask.

…Keyboard Shortcut for “cRop” = R

Thanks for the hint with the help menu!

How long did it take you to find the shortcut in this list? :grin:

Other ideas for shortcut help

  1. tool tip → already implemented
  2. add to the help text

Not in the Windows version. I wouldn’t care if it was “C”, “R” or “Z”, as long as there was one at all.

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Y for yummy

Anyway, the number of single character shortcut is limited, and somehow, there’s always more than one tool that could work with a specific character.

We could set up a keyboard shortcut standards institute, get well paid and release shortcut recommendations that nobody would stick to.


You mean like the keyword standards institute, otherwise known as the Metadata Working Group that Adobe helped set up and now seems to studiously ignore?


Sometimes it’s very funny to sit down, to drink and to be in Read Only Mode :joy:

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Something like the Loupedeck is the way to go, although as I have said before, I use the Stream Deck as I found the Keyboard shortcuts more important than the need for dials.

The Stream Deck display automatically changes to match the program in the foreground so very convenient and you get to set the LCD keys to what you want.

Even with simple programs like FastStone where you might want to annotate a screenshot you don’t have to remember the shortcut for the “Drawing” function, just press “Draw” on the Stream Deck. The downside is you need applications that support keyboard shortcuts.
Stream Deck C1 Main Menu

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Yess! Pleeease!

Also, that irritating business of being unable to Escape a crop because any key Enters it, forcing you to reverse back out through all the moves you made before hitting Esc.

On the topic of the crop tool, does anyone else wish you could crop and straighten at the same time by eye using handles on the crop tool boundry as found in most other programmes? I find it a nightmare trying to straighten an image such as a landscape when there’s nothing in the photo to align it with.
Or perhaps there is a way to do it I don’t know about?


Totally agree with the Windows version desperately needing a shortcut key to active the crop tool. I use Photolab on a Mac and Windows and still instinctively press the ‘R’ key on my Windows machine only to find it does nothing.

So frustrating!

Edit: Also agree that it should totally be possible to crop AND rotate at the same time (like in all other editing programs).


You could try the following;

  1. Activate the Horizon tool’s “magic wand” to see if PL can do the job automatically (it often produces surprisingly good results).

  2. You can “nudge” the degree of straightening via a Right-Click either side of the Horizon tool’s slider control.

HtH - John M

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Hi John,
thank you very much for for the helpful advice. As a relatively new user thank you for taking the trouble to respond to my quiery,

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Yes, each time when that happens, it drives me mad. – And when I realize (hopefully not too late), I then have to hit Strg/Crtl +Z several times to go back or look for the history (in Windows still not permanent).

ESC is no shortcut to apply something,
but a Standard function to leave things unaltered.

Instead as it is implemented for now, it is NO timesaver (the sense of a keyboard short cut), but bad UX.

@DxO_Support-Team – please take note !


Drives me crazy as well. Can’t understand the logic of the coders who decided to do this?

Yup. In all my 30+ years of using computers and coding, Esc has always meant “abandon and revert all changes”, no matter what platform or software - except DxO of course :roll_eyes: :exploding_head: