Olympus Hi-Res files in PhotoLab4

I’m unsure whether Photolab 4 can open Olympus HiRes files; I don’t think PL4 can combine multi-shots but I think the Olympus Hi-Res files are combined in camera to create a single ORF file, albeit with a sidebar ORI (?) file.

Any ideas?

Good morning @eddystone and welcome to the forum,

The support depends on the camera model, for example for this one it’s supported:

Svetlana G.

Yes, that’s correct - - The resulting Hi-Res file ends up as a standard ~.ORF (Olympus RAW) file.

Yes - the ORI file is actually an ORF file “in disguise” - - you can rename it slightly (so that it does not clash with the ~.ORF filename) and give it a .ORF extension - and then it can be processed normally.

The ORI file is the first image captured in the sequence of shots that are combined to make the Hi-Res shot - It’s a handy back-up if you don’t like the resulting Hi-Res shot (esp. if something moved).

John M