NOOOOOO! New Filter options! No "unprocessed" option!

You guys totally broke the most useful filter option for me.
It is now impossible to show only the images that have not been processed.
Before I can unselect processed, waiting to be processed, and in process images, and I would see all the images I haven’t sent for processing at least once.

This is now impossible.

I’m going back to the previous version. Seriously. I work in batches. When I finish a batch I start the processing and all the images in the queue immediately disappear and I’m left with the images next up for editing.

This is now completely broken…

How can I show only unprocessed images in v5.1?
It’s impossible.


Unprocessed = Ready to develop, no?

I’m missing the option “unprocessed” too!
@JoJu - Where do I find the “ready to develop” filter option?

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Options are exactly the same as before, I don’t see what you are missing compared to the previous menu…


In French there is an option “A traiter” which should be “Awaiting processing”?

Quick test with A traiter and it’s working, already exported images are out, others are in.

@Pathal: When I select “awaiting processing” … NO photo is shown
@StevenL: I’m missing the possibility to show all photos except the processed ones = show all not green marked photos

Steven on the old way I can uncheck all 5 options. Then I can see which images Have never been processed. They have no indicator in the bottom right corner of the thumbnail. Now the default is nothing checked and ALL images show.

So the change in the logic means that original method of unchecking all boxes doesn’t work anymore.

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That’s interesting. In German there is one more entry between “! Cannot be processed” and “Processing”, see PL 5.1, better filter options, bust still only half the way - #13 by platypus @platypus gave us the screenshots I didn’t include. Between “Awaiting Processing” (= “is in processing queue, but not done yet”?) and Processed, in German (or on Mac??) you also find “ready to develop”.
Strange… :thinking:

In German language on Windows PC there are only 5 entries, not 6. So the language isn’t the issue, perhaps on MAC are 6 entries.
2021-12-09 17_25_24-

Juste pour info, dans la version française, il reste un guillemet sur un des textes.

The option"…not yet processed…" or so was in DXO OP I guess up to version 9 or 10. Then it was removed due to some architectural changes. Was discussed back then in the forum. Cannot recall this option in PL.

But would love to have it.

In PL 4, when you select the processed option only those images that have been processed are displayed. When you deselect that option those images are not displayed.

In the current version of PL 5 when you select that option only processed images are displayed as you would expect. But when you deselect that option, all the images including the processed ones are displayed. I tested this briefly this morning after this problem was first brought up. Perhaps I made a mistake but I’m pretty confident that this is a problem.



Actually if you look at the options “cannot be processed” is really misused. When I edit a photo, and process it, it gets the “processed” tag. If I edit it again, it gets the “cannot be processed” tag.

So for me “cannot be processed” really means “requires reprocessing.”

Maybe “cannot be processed” should be renamed “requires processing” and all newly imported images also get the tag.

There are a number of ways to solve it but basically I need an option that shows me images that have not been processed and are not in the process queue waiting to be processed.

5.0 could do this. 5.1 cannot.


Except maybe the lack of an “not yet processed” option, I find the filtering to work well.

Well. That’s what we are basically talking about here.

At the bottom right of the image in the explorer, the icon ! indicates “traitée mais pas à jour” while in the filter this icon indicates “non traitables”.
It may be a translation problem but it doesn’t mean the same thing.

in the previous version, checked all other four options, but not “processed”, it will show unprocessed images
in the new version, it show none of the images
please fine tune the logic of filtering system, it’s very useful
thank you very much!

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I think the options of the individual groups (between the lines) are & linked.
Is this new?

I agree with you, I miss it too.

The bottom right “!” meant something different, at least yesterday:

The “Customize” or “Edit” window said

“That image can’ be processed because it was taken with a camera not supported in this version of DxO Photolab”.

Ha. Ha. Ha. :roll_eyes:

8 or 9 out of a series of 150 frames, taken with the same body and same lens (@SebinParis wanted to see if I can reproduce a failure of VP) and DxO goes wild. So much fun… :woozy_face:

However, the exclamation mark meant something different? “! Cannot be processed”, which is misleading. Deleted the RAW files, moved it back from the trash to the folder with the others and was good to go. Suddenly the very same files were no longer in “! Cannot be processed” status.

What happened before? I selected 74 Images and corrected the distortion manually for all 74 as the lens is not profiled yet. 66 reacted well, 8 refused processing.