NOOOOOO! New Filter options! No "unprocessed" option!

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  • Yes, I think you are correct and this is exactly the problem which was described above. We’ll discuss if one more option like “not yet processed” an be added.

Svetlana G.


“Ready to process” seems to work the same way (?)

I noted this as a bug already via the service. DXO has inverted the filter. If you invert the filters you need to add the baseline option. If you want to only view the none processed images today, this is not possible any more. You either see all, or as soon as you have checked the 1st filter e.g. already processed, the none processed ones are gone.

PS I see I am late, already discussed. Hoping for a solution.

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Hoping for a solution too !!!

A v5.1.2 has just released and adding a “unprocessed” filter

Indeed! Thanks for the message, and appreciate the DXO team for resolving this quickly.
Thanks @sgospodarenko and @StevenL for recognizing this issue and jumping on it right away.
Much appreciated.

Happy holidays.


One quick side note which wasn’t obvious to me initially. The new “unprocessed” filter also filters out “rejected images” (the ones with the red dot). Perhaps it makes sense because those images won’t be processed, but still given there’s a separate selection for those I was surprised my red images disappeared.

Just something to be aware of.

@sgospodarenko and @StevenL
Something else to look at when you return from a holiday break.
It seems with the new filtering there is no way to select “Previously exported images that have been modified”. These show up with an exclamation point in the bottom right corner of the image.

Previously these would show up when the “Cannot Be Processed” filter option was showing. Of course the description doesn’t fit, but it was still useful.

I’d suggest edited images should possibly be included in the new “Unprocessed” filter selection. In my mind, “Unprocessed” should include all images which still would need to be exported which includes exported images that have had subsequent adjustments made.

Thanks for your consideration and happy holidays.

Good morning!

  • Yes, indeed it filters out all the images that can’t be processed (unsupported, rejected and already processed) and this is the purpose to have only the images ready to be processed.
  • I totally agree here. Let’s wait for @StevenL to make the final decision.

Thank you for the suggestions,
Svetlana G.


V.5.1.2 is NOT GOOD !
Please make it back like v.5.0.2, that I keep installed on second computer.
We need a filter to display only the unprocessed images (first process or edited)…

Same here, totally agreed, thanks!

the “unprocessed” filter doesn’t include processed and re-edited images, it’s different from v5.0.2

So, any news on this one? And how to exclude pics that have been developed with PL as before 5.1.2?
I think there is a logical problem in the software/database, an SQL-hickup or so. I’d call it a bug…

  • Yes, true.
  • Not for now. @StevenL seems we should add one more option “Processed but needs to be updated”.

Svetlana G.


Again: why are pics „have been created with PL“ not deselected when I choose this. Its a bug, at least a logical breach… come on

Good morning guys!

New filtering options along with the fix of the same grey exclamation mark ‘!’ for ‘Cannot be processed’ and “Processed but needs to be updated” have been delivered with PL 5.1.3

Svetlana G.


Great news! Thanks :slightly_smiling_face::+1:t2:

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well, fine, thanks Svetlana, but PL still shows pics developed with PL even though this is de-selected in filter-options. This is annoying.

But is there another filter activated?
If no filter is applied, all images in the folder are displayed

Of course, RAW and RGB. „…developed with PL“ is not selected. And usually they are not shown then. Its presumably an SQL hickup… a bug.