No automatic preview in Photolibrary gallery in PL4

I am new to this forum and quite new on DXO products. I didnt have these problemes before but lately when I explore my photo library the images won’t load automatically. See below.

I have a brand new Mac Mini M1 with Monterey and pictures are on a external SSD. (but even those on the Mac are not loading).
I have to click on each picture to see the preview. Did I accidentally change something in the settings?
Sorry if this has been asked already, I couldn’t find anything on the forum or on the manual.
Does Anyone have a suggestion? Thanks in advance

Hi Sara and welcome.

It appears that Photolab 4 does not support Monterey. You’ll need to upgrade to PL5, which does support Monterey.


Ah yes, of course. There were all sorts of changes to image handling APIs between Mojave and Catalina and I’m guessing between Big Sur and Monterey, given the new M1 chipsets.


Quite a nice speed enhancement in PL5 for the M1 chip too.

Hmmm. my friend’s iMac may not last much longer, so I may have to discover that sometime soon

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Honestly for me it worked just fine.
No way I’m gonna pay for a whole new version 6 months after buying the PL4. I’m fed up. I’m downgrading my mac to Big Sur.
I was before on a 2012 Imac, trust me it’s already faster.
I already lost Lightroom because of that. Honestly the PL5 version didn’t offer anything special to me when they advertised it.
Will eventually wait for Black Friday later this year but I’m really disappointed.

OMG What a joke. But thanks for pointing it out!
I’ll try to go back to cthe previous version
Dxo appears to be even more greedy than Lightroom…
I’m so disappointed i got Photolab less than a year ago. it’s worse than Adobe products lifespan.
So disappointed :frowning:

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PL is excellent value - provided you buy on the Black Friday sale, where it is usually up to 50% off. Even the upgrade had the same discount. Have you checked the current upgrade price on your account?

But, at least, with PL, it keeps on working if you stop paying - unless Apple change the OS version

Yes it’s excellent value except if you have to buy 2 licences in 1 year haha!
My Lightroom was still working until I bought my new imac and I can’t install it anymore (a shame).
Now without PL5 or lightroom I don’t have a proper solution to manage my library.

Note PL4 is still working for editing but not for the whole global view on pictures, which is a shame…

Oh, now that is weird! And you say you have no problem editing or exporting?

This is what the release notes from version 4.3.4 says. You’ll notice at the bottom under known limitations it mentions that DxO is planning to release a fix related to DeepPRIME and macOS Monterey and in 4.3.4 they actually made fixes to macOS Monterey problems. @sararbg might want to be aware of that before she does make the plunge to upgrade to PL5. PL4 4.3.6 is the latest release. :

New in DxO PhotoLab 4.3.4 Known limitations

• To prevent unexpected crashes under macOS Monterey when previewing DeepPRIME with CPU acceleration enabled, we have temporarily disabled the preview window. We will provide a fix in an upcoming release.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue that affected the graphics when dragging a selected subpalette header (macOS Monterey).
  • Fixed an issue that inverted subpalette titles when dragging a palette out of the dock (macOS Monterey).
  • Fixed an issue that affected the graphics on “Sort & filter” buttons (macOS Monterey).
  • Minor bug fixes.
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Oh thanks @ButchR that’s super helful and next time I’ll know where to look
Sorry I’m really new but I really appreciate the support and advice everyone is giving!
Have a great day!

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I’m on DXO PL4 4.3.6 Build 72 on a MBA Air M1 with Monterey 12.2 and all works pretty well.

Just as a little side note

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DPL4 runs nicely on my M1 MacBook Air, no matter whether I use Big Sur or Monterey.

That’s what we are here for. And never forget, there is no such thing as a stupid question, just stupid people who suffer by not asking questions :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Well as a solution for now I have downloaded PL5 as a demo, hoping for the release of PL4 for Monterey will come within 30 days!

Just ran a few of DxO’s last PhotoLab and OpticsPro versions on macOS 12.2.
Note that I did not thoroughly test OPv9-PLv1 for the following statements.

  • OpticsPro versions 9, 10, 11 work, OPv9 shows some quirks in the GUI
  • PhotoLab versions 1-5 work as expected

Try the following to “revive” your DPLv4

don’t think that will happen since PL5 in online

and @sararbg

Like @platypus and me are posting …DPL4 is running under Monterey
so waiting for what?

or did I miss something?

Well I don’t have the preview in the library. Do you have it? Maybe I missed an update but didn’t get any notification… Will check again.