No automatic preview in Photolibrary gallery in PL4

Dear Sara,
maybe you can follow the info by platypus

Or create one extra folder with maybe one or two pictures and point to the new folder

Noe further idea because I’m not so well experienced with Mac like platypus or Joanna

best regards

Yes, I have the thumbnails and the preview in DPL4 on macOS Monterey.

You say that you didn’t have problems before… Before what? Did you move things around, updated something, deleted something… etc?

No i think the only thing I changed was the OS.
Honestly it’s really strange. I have now the preview back (and trust me!!! I had restarted the application, the mac, everything… Preview was really not working).
But now that I have downloaded PL5 as a demo, PL4 is working fine now…

Soooo thanks everyone, at least next time I have a bug I have plenty of ideas to try to solve it before coming here :smiley: Thanks!

Come on Sara, we changed from a month with only one ‘R’ in its name to a month with two 'R’s in its name. Isn’t that a good enough reason for things to go flaky? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :crazy_face:

Dear Joanna

don’t :wine_glass: and :writing_hand:


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