Nikon Z6 iiI modules

Is there any estimate on the availability of dxo photolab modules for the Nikon Z6 III recently released?

This is an important camera so I suspect it will be a priority for them. Depending upon when they get a loaner to test it would normally take between one and three months to implement it. However, Since PL 8 will probably be released in early/mid September, it is likely they will add it to PL8, PL7 and PL 6 at that time.


Really? I didn’t think they supported more than two versions. The current and one previous.

For several months after PL7 was released, DxO provided updates for PL5 as well as PL6. I think that after 4 or 5 months they stopped supporting PL5 updates. That was the first time I ever recall DxO supporting two previous versions. Of course, I’m not certain if they’re going to follow that pattern when PL 8 is released.


This has already been replied here:

Yes, that makes sense. It will likely coincide with the release of PhotoLab 8.