NiK Collections included in DxO PL Elite?

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please excuse my first question, which may be a bit silly. I have been using DxO PhotoLab5 Elite with DxO View Point for a few days. I immediately noticed that the NIK Collections were also installed. Are they included in the Elite version, or is it perhaps because I previously had a trial version of PL 5 Elite? Or could it be because I still had an old version of NIK on my computer that I used with Lightroom?

I would be very grateful for a brief tip.

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No, Nik Collection is independent and does not install with PL.
It’s an old installation of Nik Collection, you can check it with the Nik Collection version you have.

If you mean the Nik Collection button that you see, this doesn’t meant that it is installed. It is there for quick access if it is installed. The is an option in preferences to hide it.

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PL5 erkennt alle Versionen von NIK, auch die kostenlose Version. Wenn Sie also “irgendeine” Version installiert haben, wird PL5 sie erkennen und verwenden. Ich habe das eine Zeit lang mit PL3 gemacht und viele Abstürze bekommen. Auch wenn Photolab es erkennt, wird es von DXO nicht unterstützt. DXO hat viele Upgrades und Verbesserungen in den DXO-Versionen 1-4 vorgenommen, warum also nicht die aktuelle Version 4 testen? Beachten Sie jedoch, dass die Testversion Ihre aktuelle Version überschreibt. Sichern Sie sie daher sicher, bevor Sie die Testversion von NIK v4 installieren, damit Sie zu ihr zurückkehren können, falls Ihnen v4 nicht gefällt.

YES – and keep it, as long it works for you.

screenshot taken from PL5

how to → Issues with Nik4 - #8 by Wolfgang and further Links

!! Installing DxO Nik Collection 3 (3.3) after the latest NC4 ‘resets’ the version date to NC3
and you always get the bothering “there is a new version notice”,
but everything works. !!

Thank you very much for your quick and precise answer. I think you have found the solution. I have looked to see which version it is. It’s still a Google version from 2014. I think it’s quite generous of DxO that it still works with PL5 Elite. Is it worth updating to the current version of NIK Collection?

Thank you very much for your help and a happy new year 2022!!!

Check here → for compatibility
– and before you test a new version, make sure you still have a (working) installer of your old one at hand.