Nik Collection v7

Sorry the “a” after the number 6 got lost in the reading. Yes, I agree you should have been offered a fee upgrade if it was less than 1 month. Did they offer you any other choice other then the regular upgrade price?


No - basically told me that it was against policy - in all honesty I have committed to DXO but wouldn’t have if I had this prior knowledge - would have stuck to adobe and their subscription model which excludes all these sort of problems.

What’s customary in the software industry is that companies will say something like, those who have purchased the product on or after [insert date here] will get a free update. A month doesn’t sound unreasonable in this context, but there was someone who had been offered nothing and they had purchased a DxO product nine days before the upgrade came out!

DxO is making a huge mistake here because at some point people will just vote with their wallets. And yes, you can accuse me of being negative; I’ll be positive when DxO adopts policies that are fair and in line with what everyone else is doing in the software industry. Yes, DxO software is good, but it’s not good enough for me to overlook what I consider predatory marketing practices. Add to it that DxO provides no roadmap of what is to come, doesn’t implement features people have been asking for for a long time, and just generally doesn’t seem to give a hoot what the people that make DxO possible (hint: the customers!) are saying and you have the perfect conditions for folks to jump ship.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d hate for DxO to disappear, but if they do, they’ll have no one but themselves to blame. I’m treated well by Adobe, by ON1, by Affinity, and by Luminar. I can’t remember if I ever felt valued as a DxO customer. It’s not hard to imagine where I am going to cut when I need to reduce my considerable software expenses!


not really no, money is coming out of your pocket so you have to look at what’s best for your wallet. it’s cheaper to pay for Ps/Lr with Nik collection than PL with VP and FP not even including Nik, while Nik also include VP and FP (in Nik 6 not Nik7 anymore). there’s only a handful of great software to develop your work, so to keep customers they need to put in some goodies!


Aren’t there rules to undo the sell within 14 days ?

I don’t know if it’s an EU thing or just something here in the NL. But buying things means you enter a buying agreement. And you have the right to cancel that 14 days after.

There have been numerous cases of companies of digital goods making you “agree to give up that right” , but that never ever stood up once.

You can always just at least try sending an email to support saying you want to fulfill that right , then see what happens from there.

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This search says you only have 7 days:

you got the answer there:

What is your refund policy for DxO software?

Our return and refund policy:

  • You may return your software product within 14 calendar days from the time of your online purchase, on the condition that you have not used the activation code that you received upon purchase.
  • You must notify us of your decision to retract your purchase either by regular postal mail or by email, by sending us a clear statement of your decision along with all of the information necessary to identify your order. (See “Purchase of our software > Return and refund policy > Software bought on our website and activated” in the General Conditions for more information about exercising this right of retraction.)
  • A fully functional trial version is available on the DxO website in order to give you the best possible opportunity to see if the software meets your needs before you commit to buying it.
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I’d like to clarify that people who had purchased a DxO product nine days before the upgrade came out got a personal offer. Please see this FAQ. This is always the first maling we send before informing anyone else about about a new version.

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Why doesn’t DXO manage to fully integrate the Nik Collection into PL? I don’t want to transfer the images back and forth into different applications but rather a suite. Then there wouldn’t be the problem with perspective correction if you have View Point.

Have you any idea of the massive amount of effort it would take to integrate it into both the Windows and Mac version and the huge amount of software bloat it would create? It would not even be cost effective since most users of the Nik Collection don’t even use PhotoLab. Integrating the Nik Collection into PhotoLab is simply never going to happen.


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what does it have to do with Nik?
VP work from PL so it doesn’t affect anything with Nik if used before sending your image to any Nik plugin.

Well, if NIK were integrated into the DXO-PL suite and you also had View Point, no one would miss Perspective Efex. Except users from other primary programs (PS) etc. (Perspective Efex was a point above)
A DXO suit with integration of NIK, such as ViewPoint and Film Pack would be my dream, but that is probably not that easy to implement and therefore there is no all-encompassing DXO suite.
By the way 1: I would like to have an AI tool (in my dream DXO Suite) that stamps away my camera dust at the push of a button (Luminar Neo can do that very well…)
By the way 2: There is a bug in the split lens module (Anlaog Efex). If you then set a control point, the changes are at the original point, not at the selected one (try it out - it’s hard to explain)

Time sometimes passes faster than we think, and it can be easy to lose sight of the exact time span and oops, it is not two weeks, but two months … If you have bought a month ago, you should have recived a personal offer. In case you did not get this newsletter, please open a support ticket and give the date of purchase and our support staff will take care of it.



Thanks Barbara

Turns out I ordered Nik 6 on the 4th of April and Nik7 was released on the 6th May - would this be why I did not receive an offer to upgrade at a reduced price? I had already submitted a ticket and was told - “No, our apologies, you do not qualify for discount pricing at this time. We have no way to generate individual discounts to those that did not qualify unfortunately. We would advise waiting for our next sale, whenever we run one, to reduce the cost further.”

Not that it helps a lot in this case, but there are resources that document the release dates of the Nik Collection. It’s not precise, but gives an impression of when I new version might be available:

In general, It is not realistic to expect new users of any software to research the timing of new software releases. Users of older versions of software should try to be more cognizant of release timings to avoid updating to the current version shortly before a new version is announced. Unfortunately users probably rarely try to check for upcoming releases before purchasing.


Indeed, and release dates aren’t published for all apps. After all, companies want you to buy, not wait.

Barbara, the customers who purchased a product 9 (nine!) days before an upgrade came out should not get a “specialized offer”; they should get the new version free of charge. I don’t know of any software company who would not do that.