Nik Collection v7

New Nik Collection v7

•New features:

  • Brand new Local Adjustments tools and functionality:
    – U Point™ Elliptical Control Points: Control Points can now be stretched or squeezed into elliptical shapes for powerful selective editing — perfect for applying effects or corrections to oval areas without affecting the rest of your image.
    – U Point Control Polygons: Create custom shapes with straight lines to fit the exact contours of any object in your photo, from intricate landscapes to complex architectural details — a significant upgrade for those who demand the utmost control over their edits.
    – Luminosity Masks: Automatically select areas of your image based on brightness, allowing for seamless adjustments to highlights, mid-tones, and shadows, allowing you to apply corrections to these specific areas.
    – Flexible color reference for U Point Control Points and Control Polygons: This increases flexibility, extending the functionality that is already available with Control Lines.
    – U Point Control Polygon feathering: Adjust the strength of the effect on the edges and style of adjustments made using U Point.

  • Effortless organization of Filters and Presets: With the new workspace management system, organizing and categorizing Filters and Presets has never been easier. Create personalized categories that match your editing process, and switch between them with a single click, ensuring that your favorite adjustments are always at your fingertips.

  • Nik Collection launches 30% faster: Dive into creative process without delay and make the most of your editing sessions.

  • ‘Switch to’ button lets you jump seamlessly between plugins: Transition effortlessly between plugins without ever leaving your creative zone. This feature is designed to remove interruptions to your workflow, enhancing efficiency, and offering a smoother editing experience.

  • Quick Export from Nik Collection: Export results in TIFF or JPEG format directly without leaving the plugin. This feature unlocks the potential to create and compare multiple versions of corrections for a single image when refining details, experimenting with color, or exploring different creative visions — or simply to share quickly online.

  • Global Search for Filters and Presets: This practical tool simplifies access to Filters, Filter Looks, and Presets. Type the name of the Filter or Preset in the search field and a list appears instantly for quick access.

  • Flexible HSL, ClearView and Grain features in Nik Color Efex: Apply HSL, ClearView and Grain Filters as local adjustments. This functionality allows the fine-tuning of specific parts of the images, providing unparalleled precision and creative freedom.
    – Multiple instances: Apply several instances of each Filter for varied effects, allowing for complex and layered enhancements.
    – Blend and mix: Seamlessly mix these Filters with other Nik Color Efex Filters for a truly customized editing experience. The possibilities are endless, allowing you to achieve the perfect balance in every photo.

  • Access Nik Viveza corrections as Filters within Nik Color Efex:
    – Globally or as local adjustments: Take full control over the changes offered by Nik Viveza.
    – Multiple instances: Apply several instances of each Filter to different workflows for varied effects, allowing for a complex and layered enhancements. Internal
    – Blend and mix: As with all Nik Color Efex Filters, you can stack them in any order you wish, giving you greater flexibility.

  • Enhanced HSL feature in Nik Color Efex, allowing you to correct colors across specific ranges:
    – Select colors using a Color Picker.
    – Adjust colors manually using a flexible tool.
    – The Global channel now has a Vibrancy slider for even greater control.

  • Set the default Look of a Filter in Nik Color Efex: Change the default Look of a Filter that is selected automatically when the Filter is first applied. In addition, mark your preferred Filter Looks as Favorites for easy access.

•Known Issues and Limitations

  • ‘Switch to’ functionality is not available when plugins are launched from Serif Affinity Photo.
  • ‘Switch to’ functionality is not available when working on 32-bit images in Nik HDR Efex.
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As there’s a full 30 days trial I’ll defintely take a look at Nik 7. I’m not sure that removing Nik Perspective was a good idea though!?


Would have been nice to know when I bought Nik Collection 6 nine days ago that it would be outdated so quickly. Only 9 days now you want more money to upgrade to version 7.

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well, contact DxO asap …

I did. They won’t upgrade me for free. They want $29. Think they’re being to crappy to spend any more money with them.


That’s your choice, but there’s a whole bunch of new features and If they live up to the hype they are certainly worth another $29. My upgrade is going to cost $79. Why don’t you just download the free test version and check it out first.


that was even (at least for me as a DxO customer) a very bad idea - so I will probably save myself an update to version 7. DxO should really reconsider this decision.

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Hi Larry,

You are completely right about this!

DXO staff should state next to their prices on the website the exact cycle with release dates of their products to prevent things like you experiencing now. It’s pathetic to see the DXO reaction asking you $ 29 after 9 days and the replies of the “DXO fanboy” on this form saying: “It’s your choice”.

good luck!



sorry for you, but that’s really cheeky of DxO. With this amount of time, they could be a bit more accommodating. But customer loyalty and satisfaction don’t really seem to be DxO’s big hobbyhorse at the moment.


Well that was insulting. It is nothing to do with being a fanboy. If you have been around here long enough and read everything I posted over the last 7 years you will see that I have been extraordinarily critical of DxO on many, many occasions. I understand the frustration having to pay an extra $29 only a week or two after purchasing the product. It is inappropriate. The upgrade should have been free.

My point was simply that if @lmelamed uses the Nik collection a lot, the extra $29 cost, while inappropriate, might still be worth it to him since the new version seems to contain many desirable new features. That is why I suggested downloading the trial. If he should decide 6 months from now that those new features are important to his workflow, it is likely he would no longer be able to upgrade to it for $29., but the normal $79 upgrade cost instead. I was trying to have him look at the big picture If this is an important tool for him. That’s why I suggested it was his choice.

In the future, if you want to comment on who I am, I suggest you first read my over 6,000 posts since I’ve been a member here.


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sorry for you, specially that there as been no ads or info about an upcoming version before yesterday big announcement! lets hope dxo take a second look at your case.

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Hi Mark,

Instead of condemning the DXO policy first and showing some emphatic behaviour against Larry, you advise him to download the demo and if he likes it go for the $ 29 offer from DXO like that is a normal thing after 9 day’s of using a software version. That I find insulting to every intelligent member of this forum!

You always come with your 6000 posts story and that proves to me that you must lurk around these forums every day wasting your’s and others time. You just have to reply to almost any post about DXO policy and advocate them most of the time.

Just my personal observation!

Have a nice day,


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Complaining about DxO’s pricing policies does not accomplish anything. I’ve been around long enough to know that DXO does not respond to all those complaints and have never changed their policies as a result of them. I’m sorry if I did not express my frustrations with their pricing policies with the appropriate amount of anger to satisfy you. I stopped wasting my time doing that years ago.

I absolutely agree that DXO charging him $29 additional was very inappropriate, and if it happened to me I would be annoyed as well. I am not in any way defending DXO’s pricing policy. I was only trying to give him practical advice if the Nik Collection is an important part of his workflow. Sorry if you can’t see that.

Yes I am on this site everyday, I would not call it lurking. I own almost all of the DxO’s products and use them almost everyday. Over the years I have learned a lot from this site and from my use of DxO’s products. I enjoy sharing information with other users here. For some reason saying anything positive about DxO and their products seems to offend you. I am certainly not wasting my time except when I occasionally have to respond to posts like yours. I believe that most people who have followed my posts over the last 7 years would disagree that I am wasting their time.

On the other hand I just reviewed all your posts since you’ve been here, and virtually every one of them is a complaint. I guess you only respond to people positively who complain as much as you do. I wonder why you waste your time bothering to post here If you’re so unhappy with DxO.


The problem Is that you see healthy criticism as negative and that you have to stand up against it! And that get’s tiring after a wile!

The more reason to post something when your not happy with the DXO policy!
But I hardly posted anything on this forum except for the very successful:

Hope a lot of nieuw DXO customers got warned by all the information in that post, to prevent what happened to me!

But still DXO is not posting their release dates for their products in advance next to the purchase buttons on the website!

I have nothing against healthy criticism. Over the years I have posted far more of it than you can possibly imagine. You are, of course, free to post whatever you wish as long as it remains civil and I would never try to stifle your right to do so. However, what I can’t abide are chronic complainers who add no real value to ongoing discussions.


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In which case, you need to lobby DxO to publish clear rules for this forum. Rules that define it’s purpose as a learning enrivorment and including a rule that prohibits complaining, AND either get DxO to heavily moderate posts or get DxO to appoint people like yourself to moderate posts to ensure they stay within those parameters.

Considering there is so little obvious moderation by DxO I’m pleasantly surprised that the tone of this forum is as polite as it is. If it wasn’t, I’d logout and never return.

I agree. The general behavior on this site is especially good considering a lack of oversite. And I’m not suggesting thar complainers be banned or even moderate their posts. It is just frustrating that some posters have nothing positive to say about anything.


C’est la vie

Yea, they lost my loyalty. This was my last upgrade.

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I certainly can’t argue with your decision. I’m guessing that the Nik Collection is not a critical piece of your workflow. I hope you find something else that meets your requirements better.