Nik Collection v7

i cant download the test version of nik 7 (mac m1), the download always breaks up after few seconds.

You could try contacting DxO about you problem via this page:
Or you could try the good old wait and try again later trick.

Describes quite well how I also use the NC. Nice to have, but it doesn’t matter if it’s not.
What annoys me more about this upgrade, however, is that DXO has just taken away Nik 6 Perspective. I didn’t even realize it until I was made aware of it by a reader’s comment. Good tip there too, just keep Nik 6 Perspective and keep using it.

Nik Perspective Efex is no longer included with Nik 7, so if you did decide to upgrade and retain Nik 6, you could think of it as getting Perspective for $29.

I intend to upgrade to Nik 7, but want to keep Nik Perspective from Nik 6. Dxo says in a note to retain the previous version when upgrading. Does anyone know how to do his or where I can find instructions?

Unfortunately, I don’t understand the calculation. My last upgrade to NC6 cost €79 with Perspective.
Cost upgrade to 7 without Perspective 89€. So more expensive for less.
But now I also know why I didn’t notice that it was missing. I only use DXO VP 4 anyway :wink:

I can just talk for how it works on MacOS. NC7 installs the collection into a new folder. Nik 6 keeps untouched. So I now put an alias of Perspective 6 into the NC7 folder.

Just tested. But it is not in the NC menu. You have to export to application and then select Perspective 6. What of course is also missing, are the new features to export a.s.o. coming with version 7.

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That is an interesting change. Historically, Perspective Efex is the only Nik module that was not part of the original Nik Collection. I don’t recall to which version it was added after DXO acquired Nik. What may be interesting to those who are not aware of it is that Perspective Efex was virtually identical to the standalone only functionality of DXO’s Viewpoint software. A Viewpoint license also added access to its features from within DxO’s PhotoLab.


I have installed the trial version of Nik 7 on to my PC running Windows 11 Pro. The new install does not remove Nik 6, so you still have access to Nik Perspective. I have also added a link to Nik Perspective to a Nik 7 folder I created on my desktop.

I cannot see any reason why Nik Perspective has been removed from Nik 7? This means that users without a Nik 6 Iicence, will have to spend £89 (or equivalent) on ViewPoint4 if they want DxO’s perspective corrections.


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That’s the reason.

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Mark, perhaps AllMediaLab’s comment wasn’t very kind, but the truth is that I think DxO’s policies are deceptive and their money-grubbing a bit too obvious. How do you advertise a new version as “our biggest upgrade ever” without even mentioning that one of the plug-ins is not there any longer? Do you honestly know of ANY software company that would do this? Or, for that matter, charge a customer ANYTHING for an upgrade if they have purchased a product a mere nine days ago?

I’m using Nik by DxO mostly with Photoshop, and it was truly convenient to have Perspective Efex available from the DxO Palette. Sure I own ViewPoint 4, but I have to go into a different Photoshop menu to get it; it was really convenient to have it in the Palette. I think (but I’m not sure) that Perspective Efex was also available to customers who didn’t own ViewPoint 4; for those customers, the"biggest upgrade ever" actually means that they will lose a plug-in by upgrading. I know, I know, there’s a free trial, but it’s still deceptive advertising. I should not have to install a trial version of a product to find out that I will miss previously available functionality. I think the purpose of a trial version is to explore new functionality, not to see how many features a software company has removed. Not that there is anything wrong with removing features just as long as they let the customers know up front.

I’m using DxO products less and less frequently. I began using Optics Pro when it first became available years ago, but now I find that the company is not as revolutionary as they were back then and that they’re trying to milk me a bit too much. I don’t remember what I paid for the last ViewPoint upgrade, but the pretty much yearly PhotoLab upgrade (in my case from v6 to v7) would cost me 109€, to go from FilmPack 6 to 7 wold come to 79€, and I just spent 89€ on a Nik by DxO upgrade to v7. I don’t think I’ll upgrade any of these products further except possibly Nik by DxO because that product supports my work with other photo editors (such as those by Adobe and Affinity). Frankly, when I see what it costs to keep DxO software up to date, a subscription would be a win-win situation for both DxO and its customers: DxO because they would have a guaranteed revenue stream and customers because their software would always be up top date. It’s sad to see how DxO has evolved from a leader to an also-ran in the photo software business. To call PhotoLab “The most advanced, end-to-end, RAW photo editing software” is a joke. It does certain things very well, and many things it doesn’t do at all. Add to this that it is made by a company that misleads its clients and squeezes them for every cent they can, and I believe my days as a PhotoLab customer are numbered.

Yes, I do like subscriptions. You are always up to date, you never have to wonder if you could get a better price if you waited a few more days, your cost is 100% predictable. The yearly wrangling on when best to go from PhotoLab version x to version x+1 is not a professional way to purchase anything.

Well, to each his own. If you can overlook such business practices and think that PhotoLab is the best thing since sliced bread, all the power to you. It is definitely not my case.


This “upgrade” has saved me money because I won’t be buying it due to the loss of Perspective. Yes, I have version 6 so I’ll still have access to it, but I use it a lot and would have liked an upgrade for it and I’m not seeing anything else in the new version that’s a must have. I’ve been a fan of their software for a number of years but I’m starting to get fatigued by the nickel and diming for everything: cant’ get all Photolab features unless you buy Filmpack, can’t get perspective control now unless you buy Viewpoint. I love Photolab (been a user since v1) but I’m getting dangerously close to looking elsewhere.


I’m right there with you, that’s all I wrote to the support team. The response from support was of course (as I expected) snooty and rather … not so nice.

Unfortunately,. as you say, it does not add Perpective to the Nik Collection palette, but you don’t have to export to application. In the Photoshop Filter menu, you should have both Nik Collection 6 and Nik Collection 7 items. With an image you wish to use Perspective Efex on, simply choose the Nik 6 Perspective item from the Nik Collection 6 menu. Of course, if you own ViewPoint 4, you can just use it from the DxO Labs menu item in the Photoshop Filter menu. In that case, you don’t even have to keep Nik by DxO version 6.

Why in the world DxO thinks we should have to jump through such hoops and provide us with an upgrade that REMOVES features is beyond me.


Why in the world DxO thinks we should have to jump through such hoops and provide us with an upgrade that REMOVES features is beyond me.

DxO expects that the user will always want to have the latest software. In this case, after a while this would only be the case with ViewPoint, Perspective will probably no longer be updated. But regardless, even if it hurts, further DxO updates (be it for Photolab, Filmpack or NIK Collection) are now history for me personally - at some point the end of the line has simply been reached. When I see that I paid around 280 euros for updates (PL7, FP7, NC6) to DxO last year alone, … it makes me feel a bit different. Now I’m supposed to pay another 89€ for an update of NC7 (after not even 11 months) … with less content and the elimination of Perspective? No, people from DxO, that’s not how it works. At some point, the fun really ends.


nik collection always been 7 plugins until dxo decided to add perspective efex, which is VP4 and work within PL, i’m not sure why they wanted to add it to nik collection.

Thank you for this excellent summary. I am also not happy about Perspective Effects being dropped. However if you have NIK Collection 6 on your computer, you should be able to access both version 7 and 6 according to DXO. I am trying to figure out how to do this as the usual practice with a NIK Collection is for the “new” version/update to replace the existing version. There is some information in the NIK Collection ver 7 user guide about this under Installation.

This might help offset any issues for recent purchasers of NIK Collection 6.

Here is a good link to NIK Collection done by Robin Whalley at Lenscraft:

I use NIK Collection on windows laptop and desktop and access it from DXO-PL 7.

So I had a similar issue with not realising the cycle dates - I bought Nik 6 a month ago - I also invested in PL, FP, and VP - the Nik 7 improvements are worth the upgrade to me but DXO won’t entertain any reduction in the upgrade fee at all in spite of my recent investment. Disappointed in the attitude…

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If you had purchased the Nik Collection 6 a couple of weeks ago I could certainly understand your frustration better, but you purchased it 6 months ago and therefore are entitled to the normal upgrade price. What were you hoping DxO would do for you?


Hi Mark - maybe try reading my post again - 1 month ago NOT 6 months ago.