Nik Collection to become plugins for PhotoLab?


I am curious if the Nik collection will find its way into PhotoLab like DxO FilmPack and
DxO ViewPoint as add ons. It seems like you have started integrating some products from the Nik acquisition, however you introduced the Nik collection as standalone. Is the Nik Collection to remain a standalone, a PhotoLab addition, or perhaps both? I suppose it is a matter of resources and desire with a bit of customer desire mixed in for good measure.

If I can use PhotoLab for my processing and use Nik Collection along with Viewpoint and Filmpack, I would not require Adobe LR or CS or etc., etc. for a large portion of what I do. So, as you can imagine, you have my interest, but I am cautiously optimistic as I am unsure of the direction DXO is planning. Regardless I have purchased them all, my main desire for the future is a seamless integration of the Nik Collection into PhotoLab so to speak.


Hi Tom,

Integration has already started with U-Point in local corrections of PhotoLab, and after Nik stabilization, time should come to study the integration, interaction between current products and new Nik suite.

In the meantime, you can vote for this request: NIK Integration to help it gaining priority.