NIK Integration

NIKs work on rgbs.
Make them work on raws too.

Is this not a NIK topic? It strongly relates to

Unclear, where to set the vote and which point should come first. General RAW support in NIK (also standalone), or NIK panels in PhotoLab?

Unclear, what happens with NIK functionality, which collides with Filmpack functionality.

Personally, I’ve voted here as for me it’s important to have a good integration of Nik tools into PhotoLab with raw files, so I think this is the best place to ensure visibility to PhotoLab team.

I see the danger, that we end up with a tool with many sliders for the same thing. It should be avoided IMO that PhotoLab becomes a nerdy tool in the sense of Darktable. A sometimes heard complaint is, that there are too many sliders already. But it is the task of the DxO team to consolidate the requests.

I wonder if it would it be better to say; Fully integrate the NIK Collection tools within PL - so that it’s not necessary to export a file to the Nik tools, as a separate process.

Because, for Nik tools to be able to work on RAW files, each of the tools would need to include a RAW processor (and, as well as unnecessary duplication of a complex process, that’s what PL already does).

{Also, tho I don’t know this for sure, I suspect that the sort of things that Nik tools are doing (at the technical level) probably apply only to a rendered image.}



I agree with John comment above.
My purpose is also to integrate Nik collection inside DPL to have a better and direct RAW optimisation.

By the way, with Filmpack we could consider that we already have a kind of Color Efex and Silver Efex embedded, and DxO team will probably combine the best of each tool into DPL, so no additional slider here.

With Prime, we can consider that we do not need Dfine, so again, no more slider (some are requiring having Prime into Dfine).

About HDR Efex, I consider that we already have some HDR feature inside DPL (at least for me as I’m not fond of “caricatural” HDR, and at the moment satisfied with DPL corrections).

About Viveza, I think also that more or less we have the tool already inside DPL, perhaps they can be improved based on Viveza technology?

Last but not least, I would really like to see a new feature like Output sharpener inside DPL, as I find it very useful to produce optimized files for printing. I know that I can work on some existing sliders, but I would appreciate the facility of Nik Output sharpener to define output definition (page size and sharpening) à la mode Nik inside DPL.

So, for me it’s more on take the better of both to give a still more better PhotoLab directly in only one software instead of needing multiple tools, and I’m it will not add a lot more sliders here.

The first addition into Photolab with U-Point Nik technology for long-awaited local corrections shows that this is possible.


I fully agree to what you have said. So basically some NIK ideas are carried over to PhotoLab and not the UI and even the implementation of the same technology may be different under the hood. But as you have wrote, most things are there somehow. OK, the output sharpener could be added to the export process, or two RAWs could be combined before processing for better shadow and highlight recovery. But what else could be taken over from NIK, while not adding redundancy?

I don’t like to have to use 16 bit TIFFs in order to get NIK functionality and clutter my disk with huge files that are not as plastic as the original RAWs.
and then, DxO has bought NIK for a reason. They have bought the NIK technology (and userbase, but I don’t want to discuss this here) and for me, it would make sense to integrate the technology into PL. Today, many functions overlap at least partially and integration can reduce the duplications.



platypus has given my answer.

Integration may also means simplification, and as said by platypus avoid redundancy.

To your question

as I mention Color Efex and Silver Efex, they have some filters or preset which could help in DPL, ie Dynamic Skin Softener, B&W types, …
And perhaps Nik technology may help to improve PhotoLab response time…

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yes, it makes all sense. I initially thought some NIK functionality could be integrated as part of a Filmpack 6, because I would not understand the destinction of these two products, if both would support RAW. I would ask myself, why I have to buy two products for the same domain. The only criteria was so far FP=RAW, NIK=TIFF. It will be interesting to see, what happens to the whole topic. I think in the next year or two there will not be more integration than a dedicated, easy accessible ‘edit in’ command for nik executables, like the Edit In > Photoshop command in Lightroom. I know about ‘Export to Application’, but it is not obvious, that this is the way to communicate with NIK. Unifying the cores of both tools could be a long task, if it is really what DxO wants. We will see.

Hi everyone and thanks for your votes and feedback.
I’m closing this topic as It’s now in our Backlog :slight_smile:

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PS : The votes used will be released :wink:

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