Nik Collection : process dng files. in particular those generated by Photolab

This will be particularly useful for dng files exported by Photolab 4, but not only those.


Being able to process raw files directly in the Nik Collection has been brought up on a number of occasions since DXO acquired it.

Integrating raw files with PhotoLab edits into the Nik Collection would have required that Nik could access either the database or the .dop files. It probably would have been a significant effort to integrate raw processing into Nik.

That was before. Now that PhotoLab reads and writes .DNG files, integrating them into the Nik Collection would eliminate the need to access the database or the sidecar files. As a result what you are proposing seems more likely to be possible than the earlier requests for raw support in the Nik Collection. I will support it with my vote…



Voted for it too.


dng files created by Photolab should be processable by Nik Collection - Could someone from DxO take on this issue, please !

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Unfortunately DxO does not respond to us anymore.

Hi Mark. You bring up an interesting scenario. If PL could demosaic and denoise the RAW and NIK could work on the demosaiced file then the NIK collection could work it’s magic while editing is still in progress. As you point out this is probably asking too much. I’ve never thought about it this way before.