Nik Collection 4

This issue are reported to DXO, and they are working on a solution…

Mine either!

Hi Kevin - I fixed this issue by reducing the resolution of the display . Then the Nik panel shrinks in size and I can see the “tool” at the bottom for changing settings. I unticked open on opening Photoshop. I think Nik collection 4 can’t handle high resolution screens which seems stupid in 2021.


Thanks hectorhector for the information. Previous Nik collection was scaled perfectly for hi-res screens so something must have changed.

Dfine 2
Is there any possibilty to bring dfine 2 in fullscreen mode?
and why the User interface has so much differnces not only between DXOPL also inside the nik suite


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I have never seen a collection of programmes like the Nik Collection 4 that seems so chaotic in terms of the user interface. The modules that have been partially repaired and brought up to the state of the art actually look good, but modules like dfine are just awful. Version 4 will definitely be my last Nik Collection if there are no general changes in the next version.


…lies in the history of the product and other factors that might be based on econopolitical decisions taken by the respective owners…

The interface redesign for all the Nik programs is a work in progress.


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Dfine 2 is old and obsolete because redundant, you can find similar and better features in all modern photo editing applications. I will not be surprised should DxO cancel it in the Nik 5, should Nik 5 will ever exist as the current suit of tools.

Hi @Guenterm,

while DFine might not be up to date (and replaced one day), it still works with non-raw-files.
And you also can ‘automask’ colours, e.g. to only apply the filter to the sky etc.
For instructions how to with layers … see

Now, as there is no fill-the-screen-button, simply pull the window’s edges to the size you like,
and to remember …

To enlarge the pic for better comparison you can use the ovious zoom tool (top right)
Screen Shot 06-06-21 at 11.40 AM

or simply press < Crtl+ > resp. < Crtl- > to zoom out.

BTW, the 100%-view is obsolet now with Hi DPI-screens, but not so important like with Sharpener Pro.
have fun, Wolfgang

I updated to Nik Collection 4 and installed. Not working correctly and I do not know how to uninstall and roll back to Nik Collection 3. HELP PLEASE!!!

You need to specify what operating system you are using first before people can advise you

Using Windows 10.

Using Windows 10 (Edition Windows 10 Home, Version 20H2, Installed on 9/‎23/‎2020, OS build 19042.985). Foolishly I purchased, downloaded and installed Nik Collection 4; I was excited after watching the videos on the new Silver Efex 4. Collection 4 does not work at all and now I do not have the plug-ins from Nik Collection 3 to use on my main computer (Windows 10)
Choosing JPG in LR and editing in PS 2021. Made a duplicate layer. I can “see” 2 DXO filters (Silver Efex 3 and Viveza 3); for either Nik program I choose, a tiff is made but not opened. I get an error message: “Image format or size not supported by Nik collection” yet the JPG is saved as filename-edit.tif. I do not know how to uninstall Nik Collection 4 and return to Nik Collection 3 until DXO sorts this out. I am getting frustrated with paying $$$ to update my DXO Nik Collection products and have them not function. HELP… I need directions that are user (not tech) friendly to fix this mess. Thanks.

Hi @Georgette,

in Win 10 go to Apps and Features (guess it’s called like this in English), scroll down to Nik Collection and uninstall it.
Instead, you might re-install Nik 3 – see here Issues with Nik4 - #8 by Wolfgang

To get rid of Nik 3 and 4, just uninstall die Nik 4 Version. It will uninstall Nik 3 as well.

In Windows 10 you can go to Settings → Apps → NIK Collection and use that to remove it

You then have 2 options

Try re-installing NIK 4, making sure no other program is open (Downloading and Installing the Nik Collection by DxO (paid version only) – Customer Support)

Or reinstall NIK 3 once you have removed NIK 4

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The interface redesign for all the Nik programs is a work in progress.

The Interface redesign should be already done, they taken over back in Oktober 2017

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I have the same issue. Pretty poor that its happened. It’s making Photoshop unusable. I can’t close the panel

Same here. Will not install. NO help from anyone.

On my pc all problems was fixed in the last update. Have you tried to install the latest version from your user account? If this do not work, contact helpdesk. I usually find them very responsive and helpful.