Nik Collection 4

Greetings from Spain.

Today I bought the new version of Nik Collection 4, but in Photoshop does not appear Analog effects or Color effects

Do I have to buy another pack or is it a bug in the program?


Analog Efex and Color Efex are part of the NIK package and you don’t need to buy anything else.

Sounds like a bug.

Try uninstalling and re-installing

You could also manually add these 2 plugins from within Photoshop

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Seem to be problems with the NIK 4 installer. On my PC it will not install at all…


Strange. On my PC the installation flew along quicker than NIK 3

A quick test of each part showed they were fine too

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If @tilltheendofeternity’s proposal to un-/re-install does not help, I’d download the installer again and repeat the steps with the new installer.

BTW: What platform are you on? Win or Mac?

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My platform is windows. Thanks for the answers and interest in fixing my problem.

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The problem I have is that the Nik 4 panel as a PS plugin takes over the screen making PS use a problem. I am on Windows 10 latest.

Indeed, we already had this discussion, ppl not telling which system they use. But this is not only here an issue.

Adding some gear information in the “Name” field of the account/profile settings could give a first hint… This was (if I’m not mistaken) proposed by a fellow member from Melbourne, Australia.


Done :wink: thanks for the hint

I just downloaded a new installer. Everything is going fine now. I thank you again for your interest. You have been very kind.


Same here…

This issue are reported to DXO, and they are working on a solution…

Mine either!

Hi Kevin - I fixed this issue by reducing the resolution of the display . Then the Nik panel shrinks in size and I can see the “tool” at the bottom for changing settings. I unticked open on opening Photoshop. I think Nik collection 4 can’t handle high resolution screens which seems stupid in 2021.


Thanks hectorhector for the information. Previous Nik collection was scaled perfectly for hi-res screens so something must have changed.

Dfine 2
Is there any possibilty to bring dfine 2 in fullscreen mode?
and why the User interface has so much differnces not only between DXOPL also inside the nik suite


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I have never seen a collection of programmes like the Nik Collection 4 that seems so chaotic in terms of the user interface. The modules that have been partially repaired and brought up to the state of the art actually look good, but modules like dfine are just awful. Version 4 will definitely be my last Nik Collection if there are no general changes in the next version.


…lies in the history of the product and other factors that might be based on econopolitical decisions taken by the respective owners…

The interface redesign for all the Nik programs is a work in progress.


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