Nik 6.2 Installer: Partial Installs Only

…I can, but there seems to be an issue with the Nik 6.2 installer:

As we can see, the installer was able to run, but not all apps were installed, no matter if installed on (from top down) macOS Sonoma beta, macOS Ventura or macOS Monterey.

Checking plugins in PhotoLab 6, I found this situation:

Attn: @Musashi

Addendum: The installer for Nik version 6.1 works as expected (apps and plugins)

Detail: Installing 6.2.0 over 6.1.0 effectively removes AEP, CEP, SEP and Viveza.

PS: All of the above is on a M1 MacBook Air 2020.

weird, i did installed it on M2 macbook pro 6.2.0 when it was released and seem fine, all works.

@mikerofoto , did you update from an earlier version or did you install directly with a current Nik 6 installer?

I redownloaded the installer using the source given in the Info dialog, but the new download had the same checksum and was therefore identical. I also downloaded the installer from the trial page, but again, this download had the same checksum too.

nik 6, then nik 6.1.0 then 6.2.0
I never update from the software but download from account at DxO website.

Thanks, @mikerofoto

Well, I had downloaded the 6.2.0 Installer in July:

All right, I’ll hold until the next update creeps up.

downloaded 6.2.0 July 13, maybe a bad date ended up a good date or just wasn’t a Friday =/

if 6.1 worked, i don’t know why would 6.2 wouldn’t install properly. i don’t think M1 over M2 would do anything different, maybe cause you were on sonoma beta and it messed your software and you didn’t cleared everything?

I had installed from scratch on macOS Monterey/Ventura/Sonoma on separate volumes as you can see in the screen capture in the first post.

I also retried after cleaning out every item on all volumes and found exactly the same issue.
I retried after restoring the M1 to Monterey and Ventura respectively and found the same partial installs.

I’d be surprised if m1/m2 made a difference, but maybe there is a slight difference in the parts installed in the OS? Let DxO find out.

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