NIK 4 "not enough memory (RAM)" error in PS CS6

NIK 3 has been running perfectly on my Lenovo P1, in CS6 extended. After installing NIK 4, all other modules work, but I get a “not enough memory (RAM)” error with Viveza and Silver Efex. Viveza and SilverEfex do work fine outside of CS6, but not in CS6. I reverted to NIK 3, and everything works again. Is NIK4 compatible with PS CS6? My P1 is running Windows 10 pro, with 32GB ram and NVIDIA Quadro

They’ve decided that it will no longer work in CS6 or CS6E. But it works in my older than CS6E Lightroom. I uninstalled v4, and reinstalled v3x.

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I’m not giving up on CS6E for the sake of NIK 4, so I’m using the “Disable update screen at startup” solution, and sticking with NIK 3, until a better solution is found.



check here

deeply buried in Nik Collection by DxO – Customer Support

Yeah, and I had to blow that graphic up 5x to be able to read it. Talk about fine print. I’ve already told DxO that I won’t be getting v5 because of this.

Arggg read this message too late !
I just pais the upgrade to Nik 4 and had the same issue with viveza 3 and my PS CS6. Ouch !
Thanks for your table.

I had no reason to think they had abandoned CS6e, and they way they did it with that tiny print, hard to read graphic I am quite sure that hundreds of people just bought and activated it as they did with every previous version of NIK. I told them to enjoy a good lunch on me. I know a lot of people what don’t rent Adobe products, so have stayed with CS6, and I have warned them not to bother updating/upgrading.



It is very unfortunate that the Nik collection no longer supports CS6. However, anyone using very old versions of software, no longer even supported by the company that created them, are always at risk using it with new versions of third party applications like the Nik Collection. CS6 was introduced in 2012 and the subscription model was announced in 2013. I don’t think DXO should be expected to support ancient versions of software into perpetuity. Perhaps DXO should be clearer about which versions of Photoshop are supported.


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… and not replace them by default, but allow peaceful coexistence !

talking about the Nik installer – but I think you got it :slight_smile:


The term “not supported” isn’t always accurate. They will tell you that CS6 isn’t supported and try to get your to sign up for their rental program, but when you dig your heels in, get get answers to your questions. I should know, I did it on several occasions.

As for supporting ‘older’ versions, On1, Topaz, Exposure, Skylum, they work perfectly with CS6/CS6E. Most of the “New Tools” in Photoshop rental version can be found in the previously listed.

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Here is the message I received from the support team :
You are receiving this error due to the fact that per our system requirements, as well as the following compatibility chart, Nik Collection 4 is unfortunately not compatible with CS6:

First of all, I agree that the term “not compatible” is not better than “not supported”.
I bought Nik collection from years and the upgrades to “support” the Nik team effort to provide a great collection of filters and more, really useful for my passion fir the photography. “Not compatible” means that they didn’t made the effort to “support” their clients. I want a refund but they didn’t even put a link to make it easy for the scammed customers. It’s incredible !
I loved Nik collection in the past, as I wanted to have the best with this upgrade. I mentioned Nik collection products in some of my public photography (more than 1M views). I think I will add this very bad experience on my next public photos.
I’m really disapointed and disgusted now.
Thanks to Nik USERS supporting us, as Nik support doesn’t.



I have a lot of photographer friends who have asked if I had a back up of the last 3x version (which I did) so they could installed and activate that version, because they found the ‘new and improved’ Viveza and Silver Effects neither. Many of them fell into same trap I did, presuming that Nik would keep on working with more than Adobe CC or their other rental programs, and just installed and activated, only to find it it didn’t work with their version of Photoshop. Some were still using CS5, because they were shooting Pentax, which wisely records images as DNGs.

Nik lost many customers with this ‘not compatible’. Might not feel it right away, but I hope they like the feeling of shooting themselves in the foot.


I am having the same problem -
I have been concerned about Photoshop’s monthly payment plan since it started. Have been looking for a solution for photo editing.
Last time I bought a new camera I had to upgrade my Photoshop and my Nik collection due to the new version of Photoshop.
Am concerned about my next camera purchase. Will photoshop read that file?
I have used Nikon photo editing software in the past. It was problematic and when I eventually moved to Photoshop, none of my edits came with the images.
So if anyone has any ideas… I would love to hear them.

Hi Carol,
The main issue with early versions of PS, is the inability to read the latest raw files. If you use the manufacturers raw conversion, and save to TIF, you can use your current PS version forever. Can’t do much about NIK, but CS6 extended will update to read the latest raw files (Camera Raw v13.4), if you install Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop.

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You can continue to use your current version of Photoshop, if you get the Adobe DNG converter. Convert the camera Raw files into DNGs, and edit as usual. Lately, I have been using On1PhotoRaw to do just about all the editing, then export the image as a jpg. On1 does just about everything needed

Thanks for the info… I might get a mirror-less camera someday - and was worried about having to replace my software.

the mentioned compatibility chart has been moved

When something isn’t compatible with CS does that mean also that the output of Nik can’t be read by CS?


Hi George,
the Nik Collection 3.3 is the last version, that works as PlugIn within PS CS 5 - 6 (made it run with CS4).

To further test, I produced a Viveza3 Tiff-file with ‘double layer’ – no problem to open it.

I asked for I get confused about what’s called a plug-in. To me a plugin is some external code that’s added to a host program and works on the image of that host program.
In PL the image is exported as a file to disk and the Nik software is called as an external program to open with that file.
With CS it seems to be different.