Nik Collection 4 with Photoshop cs6 not working

Hi I suggest you will go back to support Nik Collection 4 with Photoshop cs6

The primary reason for me to use the NIK Collection is because I can use older applications such as Adobe’s CS5, CS6, and even CS4. I don’t want to subscribe to any the online Adobe CC apps. The problem that I have now is that several of my favorite NIK apps not longer work with CS6, including Vivesa 3.

Now I am afraid to respond to the DXO’s “free-update” notifications that popup on my Mac’s screen, because the updates are rendering CS6 useless.


This is very unlikely to happen since that would mean having to support software that is no longer supported and that runs on unsupported version of the operating system.

On the other hand, if you want an all in one solution, why not look at DxO PhotoLab?

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Photoshop CS6 may not work on recent versions of Mac OS, however from what I saw in a quick search just now, it may work on the latest version of Window 10 with some caveats. I’m not a Photoshop user so I don’t know this as an absolute certainty…


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YES, see → About Nik 4 - SilverEfex 3 & Viveza 3 - #5 by Wolfgang

When using a screen with high(er) resolution, limited scalability of the software’s GUI is hindering.
Win10 is not causing problems.

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Hi Mark I have a win10 and it does work on win 10

CS6 does not work with the late version of Mac OS-X, but it works fine with OS versions up to Catalina (Catalina and Big Sur are the newest versions of OS-X). I purchased a new Mac in 2019, but since I depend on CS6 in conjunction to the NIK Software bundle to edit my RAW images, I did not upgrade the OS to Catalina nor Big Sur.

There are a lot of photographers around the world still using stand-alone apps such CS3-CS6 for photo editing. I may have to remove the NIK Software bundle V.4 from CS6, and revert to NIK version 3. The problem is that I also have DXO Photo Lab 4, and the latest version of Affinity Photo in my computer, and both work with well with NIK version 4.

I still have the NIK Software bundle version 3, so I will have to figure a way to get rid of version 4, since version 3 worked fine with Photo Lab 4, CS6, and Affinity Photo.

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There are often difficult decisions to make when using a mix of older unsupported software along side newer software.


That is true, Mark. But the NIK Software bundle has always worked well with older versions of PS for a lot of people around the world. In fact, Version 4 was working without a hitch on my Mac until I decided to respond to the update to NIK 4 notices showing on my screen. The first and maybe the second updates were fine, but that’s not longer the case. Now the updates to Version 4 notices appear on my screen non-stop, so I have to get rid of 4 and reinstall Version 3, since I have no use for the NIK Software Bundle 4.

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I completely understand that, and for all those people it must be very very frustrating. But the fact that there was compatibility in the past is not a guaranty of compatibility in the future. I think when it comes to software most people, including myself, tend to get complacent and assume if some software combination has worked in the past it will continue to work as newer versions of software are released. For those who assumed everything would be OK and purchased Nik 4 before running the trial first, they found out the hard way that we all need to be more aware of software limitations before we pull the trigger .