Nik 3 download update

Every time I start Nik (which ever open first) there is always that pop up window asking to download it.
Mac user here, how to get that thing turn off not to show again?


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I get nothing of that sort. Can you post a screenshot of the popup?

I also do not get anything - this on Mac, Mojave, all updated.

Argh! it didn’t popup this morning, I’ll check later.
It just the white window with 2 options, later bottom left and upgrade bottom right.

here it come again, but got the snapshot.
wish there was a “no” as option with “later” and “install now”, this is annoying!!!

My usual approach in such a case is to try these steps until the issue is gone:

  • Install again from a new download, boot, see if fixed
  • Uninstall and reinstall, boot, see if fixed
  • Complete manual uninstall, boot
  • Back to top

Manual uninstall is a bit of a pain because Nik copies things all over the place. I’ve listed places where I found Nik stuff in other posts. Here’s one of them: Problem with Trial Nik DxO

What is your installed version of Nik?

The latest before the announcement of Nik 3.
I did click on later, but it shows again, then click update now but close the browser not to download Nik 3.
There must be a file to be open and replace 1 by 0 to cancel checking update, but I can’t see where.

Can you search for files that have been changed recently (set to 0 days) and check them? Settings files usually end with .plist. Search the Library folders:

  • /Users/xxx/Library (replace xxx by your account name)
  • /Library

The Import Button is missing from the bottom of the Recipes panel in Nik 3 Color Efex Pro.

macOS Catalina version 10.15.5

23 days since this post and it still going, every 24h if I use Nik this pop up show up and if I don’t close it in time, I have to force quit the software, honestly really annoying thing, searching in library/ different folders looking for Nik .plist no results that can be set to 0 somewhere that I can see.
@dxo is there a way to change that or what need to be done to close it or stop looking for update?

I understand your frustration, especially since most of us are not having that problem. I’m not a Mac person, but did you try uninstalling, and then reinstalling the Nik Collection after making sure that all folders related to it were removed? On Windows there are sometimes hidden folders that are left behind after an uninstall.


Yep, using the Nik uninstaller and the app cleaner looking for missing folder, then downloaded again from dxo website and reinstalled. There must be a file containing checking for update that can be modified or adding another option like “no thanks” to dismissed further pop up.
Even clicking install now still let that pop up show up again.

I got that popup also with my Nik 3 installation, advertising that 3.0.8 was available.
Clicking on the Install Now button brought me to the “buy” page.

I got the update by loging into my user account and downloading v3, which came as 3.0.8.

I can certainly imagine a smoother update procedure than that…

Same here and yes, its annoying that there is no “check for update” in any of the nik plugs menu (talking about the standalone) Why there is nothing simple like this, only knows DXO: So you just have to wait if auto check brings up a result or not.