Next Betatest 2024 photolab8

Did I somehow miss the next upcoming beta test photolab 8?

Hi there.

I’ve understood it as the coming test sessions will be held in new configuration and not like earlier years.

Smaller but more focused groups of individuals.

I have no knowledge of if they have begun or not.

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I don’t believe the new beta testing process has started yet … Not that I’ve heard.

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I think all version 7 users are on a beta test at present!


Thanks for the info. Then it will probably take some time. Otherwise the BETA phase usually starts earlier.

It does seem a little early for an April fool! Maybe wait a month or six for the techs to weave their spells.

This is maybe the new way of beta testing some say they talked about.

When PL8 is released, PL7 will be bug free (ok, don’t bet on this). And so on :upside_down_face:.
Fully bugged version, reduced price; less bugged version, full price . :upside_down_face:.

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Back in the days I used CorelDRAW it was was produced on the model of spend a year removing a few of the bugs and get some of the new features working. Then BANG new version creating new bugs and party working new things with many of the old bugs and lots of lovely new ones (and the part working features that were still not really working). No time to sort out last years part finished features and bugs as you now had lovely new ones to work on. There model worked they drove out every other competitor and although the latter is unlikely with DXO the rest is looking very familiar again here.