New "Touched" (or called "Edited") icon is suggested

Sidecar export?? On Windows, aren’t edits immediately stored in sidecars and/or the database? Seems that way to me, anyway. i’ve never lost edits, though theoretically that could happen since disk writes are often cached.

Don’t know about Windows, but on Mac it doesn’t happen until you move to another image or to the PhotoLibrary tab. If there is some other way to trigger it (aside from manual export), I haven’t found it.

I wonder if what @JamesWong is referring to, and which I would like to see, is an indication in the PhotoLibrary display, on each thumbnail. Today we can see pick/reject, star rating, PRIME/DeepPRIME, and whether the image has been exported (or is currently exporting). But I cannot see if I have touched any sliders.

I would expect the first time I move a slider or apply a preset other than the default, that an indicator would be visible in the thumbnail, and only removed if I use the Reset button. To put it another way, if the image settings differ from the default preset then show that fact.

I believe I already requested the ability to also filter by this indication. The fact of exporting an image may just mean I have bulk created a bunch of JPEGs for some purpose without spending time on edits, so using the “Processed” filter is not the same as “edited”.


Hi asvensson,

Thanks for your sharing!

For me to avoid losing effort before sidecar file is generated, I will switch current image to another to force PL to write sidecar. Then switch back to this image and continue the rest of job. This works for me.

Hi Joanna,

I have new findings. If an image is taken by a camera / lens combination which DxO has profile in its database (i.e. DxO Optics Module is available), a tick mark is shown on bottom-right corner of thumbnail when it is touched by PL.


However, if an image is taken by a camera of which DxO does not have profile in its database (an icon is shown on top-right corner of thumbnail) (in my case, it is taken by Samsung Galaxy Note 8), then even it is touched by PL and sidecar file is generated successfully, no tick icon will be shown on bottom-right corner of thumbnail.

What I expect to see is even DxO Optics Module is not available, some icon / indicator showing whether the image is touched by PL.

Will my wish come true in future?


The check mark displayed in the lower right corner of the thumbnail means the image has been processed.

The tick icon is only shown once an image has been exported. It does not show if any adjustments have been made.

Like I said earlier, look at the Reset button on the top-right of the window.

If the image has been edited, it will be highlighted
Capture d’écran 2020-11-02 à 10.54.28

If the image has not yet been edited, it will be greyed out
Capture d’écran 2020-11-02 à 10.54.22

Hi zkarj,

Thanks for your reply! Yes, you fully understand what I need!

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Hi Joanna,

Thanks for your correction!

I understand what you have already mentioned about the reset button. But what I need is a an easy way to know which image has been touched or not at a glance inside PL’s image browser. I have to click each image to see if it has been touched or not by viewing the enable status of reset button. So my feature request is having a “touched” icon in each image thumbnail.

Is there any filter in the image browser we could use for this purpose ?

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No, but I think I added a feature request for exactly that. I will search for it a bit later.

Hello James,

in my workflow I use the traffic light for that. On import all files are set to red, the moment I start editing I set it to green. I am aware it is not “automatic” but it works well for me.


I misremembered. It was not my suggestion, but I supported it (and just realised I had not voted for it!)


Hi Sigi,

Thanks for your reply!

In fact, I have more than one workaround to do it manually. What I request is a simple and auto way to achieve it. Being a software engineer, I don’t think it is difficult to do, it’s only the matter of “go” or “not go”.

Hi James,
I think you’re perfectly right: having an “already edited” icon in the filmstrip is something useful to let a user know if an image has already been edited in PL. This is something that we’d like to have in a near future.

Anyway, thanks for your feedback!



Hi StevenL,

Thanks for your understanding and support! Hope it’ll come soon.

Please also add “already edited” as a filter.

Our current filtering menu will undergo a whole transformation in a near future, and adding such option will make perfectly sense!


Please read the proposal below. It would make it obvious to determine if images are input or output images, and if their processing is in progress or finished.

Hi StevenL,

Thanks for your good news and hope it will come soon.

User has to select an image and look outside of the browser to display active customisations, if any: In the customization palette and the “reinitialize” control is highlighted. The information is displayed for the active image only.

A graphical interface in the browser showing image customization would be helpful, one indicator per thumbnail.