Add filtering possibility to already edited photos

Sometime it would be good to see only the photos that were already edited inside Photolab (have a .dop sidecar if setting is used).
It is clear to me that only a minor change can set a photo as edited (although simply viewing a photo with applied default preset doesn’t create a sidecar), nevertheless it can be useful sometimes.

When I edit larger batches of images, I usually do this in order to keep track of progress:

  1. Select all images and set traffic lights to “reject”.
  2. Customise (one or several images) and then set traffic light(s) to “picked”.

Traffic light shortcuts: 789 or pux for “pick”, “undefined” and “reject” respectively.

Thank you, it is a good idea.
But you have to work disciplined to be able to use this.

I am only a hobby photograph with sometimes very limited time, so I most probably would forget to set the photos to rejected or the edited ones to picked. Using this software only 1-2 hours/week is not enough to get used to a good workflow.

So a filtering option for this would be nice, if this part is already reworked or planned to be reworked.

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When i have a batch was having the same issue.
Used the red ,reject hide. The non as not edit jet. And green as ready to export.
Now i am rebuild my ingest system.
First FRV to cull and select, stars can be used to rate the good one’s, priority creating XMP’s.
Then in ABride tagging keywords in those XMP’s.
After this i open DxOPL and i see keywords, stars,
4 stars best 2 stars ok , 0 star is not deleted but not verygood.
Best thing is i can use stars to hide or show.
I can use 5,3,1 as processed but not ready to export and hide temporaly.
Greendot is exportready.
So i do a star 4 and i find out it’s not that good when i am editing so i click on 3star and move on to the next 4star which is good for some detailwork which i do imidiatly finish greendot or not and want to have some creative fun: 5star.

This system i can show or hide the one i like to see or not and stil use the greendot as exportready

Getting used to something takes a little effort indeed. Just stick a note to your screen and give it a try.

Also, in order to get a better workflow, you’ll need to change the things you don’t like… :grin:

I second the request for filtering on “edited”. Using picks or stars for this purpose is a workaround and not a great one for my purposes. I use picks and stars to manage new photos. Often I want to go back and find old photos that I have published. I don’t want to have to leave the picks/stars on those indefinitely to find them. I often used this capability in Lightroom to quickly find photos I had worked on for a particular subject.

Plus, as an IT professional, the workaround breaks the data model. It is entirely possible, indeed likely, that edited photos will exist that are not picked and picked photos will exist that are not edited. We are mere humans, after all.