New Forum Needs a Mac/Win Switch

As far as I can see, the new layout offers some possibilities to filter posts for mac or win platforms. I’d greatly welcome a “Master Switch” that lets me hide posts of the platform that I don’t work on. This could improve navigation a lot.


We enabled tags #windows and #mac for specific sections only

  • for #dxo-opticspro-early-access:announcements
    We would like to try to use a single section for announcements because some users use both platforms and because it may be interesting for beta testers to take a look on announces of the other platform (often a feature is available on one platform then on the other one the next release, it’s a kind of teasing :wink: )

  • for #dxo-opticspro-early-access:bugs
    Sometimes, bugs are relevant on both platforms (for example body issue, correction issue…)

At the end, if single sections for announcements and bugs are too disturbing for users, we will split them but let’s try few weeks and let’s collect feedback about it.