New camera Sony A9 111

Hi, I have a new camera, obviously excited and would like to process with PhotoLab, any ideas when I will be able to open the files in PhotoLab?

Many thanks

The A9iii is not yet listed on

At times, @Marie has posted a list of gear to come. With or without such info, we’ll just have to wait.

@platypus hello, it will be supported in April. thank you

APRIL !! WT!!! That’s like ages and ages away…

It’s way way faster than Z9.
You should be happy.

Please add raw support soon for A9 III. We have jobs coming up to shoot and need to shoot raw…


and if not then ? end of the world ?

You better shoot raw anyway.
Letting the not yet arrived future dictate your action today are a doomed to end up in failure. :smiley:

I had to DL a trial of Capture one to edit the Raw files from the A9 III but the trial ends in 2 days. I have 6 more jobs to shoot this month.
Really need the Raw support.
I dont want to have to pay for the update for Capture one just for the Raw support as I moved from C1 to DXO Photolab.

Why not use Sony’s own IE and export into tiff and then do your work in PL?

I dont know what the IE is? I am a new Sony users - plus TIFF is not a RAW format giving you the same editing power.

AHh I understand.

IE is Imaging Edge, raw developer.

I found a fix for this. Using a free tool that re-names the files to the A9 II so now it reads the raw files thinking it is a A9 II. Here is the site for this I used and it works,

Here it is working in DXO it thinks the A9 III files are a A9 II.
This will work good till we get real A9 III raw support.
1/5000 of a second with flash I can do now with the A9 III…

You are very, very lucky for that to work. Take a look for example at libraw sources to see how many special cases the RAW reader has to consider. Normally changing camera model with exiftool leads to either unreadable file, image corruption, false colors, etc. I would report it to DxO as a bug :wink:

I just re-edited the job from the other day. So much better colors and features now. And lens support for the lens I used.
It working great. I see others doing this to with a script.

Sometimes I’m wondering which genius at Sony was responsible for that greek letter-number-roman number system of α9 Ⅲ? :grin: as the whole world is typing whatever the keyboard has on.

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Beginning or end of April?

Hi Tim, thank you for your inquiry. Most probably, end of next week.


It’s April !

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