New camera Sony A9 111

Hi, I have a new camera, obviously excited and would like to process with PhotoLab, any ideas when I will be able to open the files in PhotoLab?

Many thanks

The A9iii is not yet listed on

At times, @Marie has posted a list of gear to come. With or without such info, we’ll just have to wait.

@platypus hello, it will be supported in April. thank you

APRIL !! WT!!! That’s like ages and ages away…

It’s way way faster than Z9.
You should be happy.

Please add raw support soon for A9 III. We have jobs coming up to shoot and need to shoot raw…


and if not then ? end of the world ?

You better shoot raw anyway.
Letting the not yet arrived future dictate your action today are a doomed to end up in failure. :smiley: