Multiple watermarks?

I currently use an automated ImageMagick script to add two watermarks to my images. It only took me a couple of minutes to recreate each one of them in PL4, but can I add both to one image? Ideally I’d like both on a single preset, but if necessary a more roundabout way would still be useful.

I suppose the way to do it in PhotoLab, generally speaking, would be to first combine the two watermarks into one - or, apply one watermark as text and the other as an image - or, for each image you’re watermarking, export it with one watermark, then add the second watermark to the exported image and export again to a new final image file.

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Yes, @Egregius is absolutely correct and gave you all possible ways to get it.

Svetlana G.

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Thanks for the response. Unfortunately there are drawbacks to all of these methods, at least as they apply to my current scheme.

I think I will stick to ImageMagick for now and consider changing my watermark scheme, as the PL4 tool is quite thoughtfully done and would save me having the automation. Automation is great and saves time… until one wants to do a fresh OS install and has to remember how they were all set up. This is exactly what I have been contemplating lately!

However, I will add a feature request for multiple watermarks also.

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So I just downloaded the PL4 manual to read up on watermarking. I had not expected the option in the export settings. Nice touch!

I still think the suggestion for multiple of the same type of watermark is a good one, but I am now rethinking my whole approach as I can see benefits in building different ones into presets to simplify some other workflow automation I have.

I have the same problem with watermarking - Cant insert Two text watermarks were on is partially covering the other. in other software even in the free versions it is possible and easy . For example in “photoscape”. I hope that adding one text preset in the workspace and the other in Export settings but he last negates previously chosen preset. If this can be changed I would be very happy. Other option is to export twice and then delete the first exports. Which is an option but takes time and efforts and is not very comfortable.

Or you could create the watermark as an image and use that instead?

Thanks for the suggestion but wit this proposal I have few problems I don’t know how to solve.
To be useful I must add a transparent color to the image background and I don’t know exactly how do this. I have some basic with Gimp for such drawing but the file format with transparent color is different then usual file formats and I don’t now if it will be accepted.
Other question in that when I make an image I cant do it wit semitransparent color of the letters the way that both will be visible in the field they merge

To do this, save the file as a PNG with transparency.

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Thanks, I’ll try it

I had to download two more programs to create the image that will substitute the missing option but finally succeeded to make the watermark and it worked. Thanks for the advice.