Moving files in PL

I’m in ORGANIZE mode
I drag an image from the film strip to another folder in the FOLDERS pane
The image is copied to the folder rather than moved

It was the same in PL1 by the way

Moving would seem more intuitive rather than copying.
Just a thought

What do others think?

I have to test this but if I recall, in Windows left click drag and drop moves files between folders. Right click copies AND moves the copied file leaving the original.

It’s left click drag that I was using
Right click drag doesn’t move or copy

YES it’s the opposite of the use :frowning:
Explanations on:


Thanks Pascal.
Doesn’t really conform to normal practices which makes it awkward if using more than one application.
They will behave differently, like LR for example or in fact almost everything else

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Hello Terry,

Actually, the functionality is the same as on Windows:

  • Simple drag&drop copies your files to another folder.
  • Drag&drop while keeping Shift pressed moves your files to another folder.

Svetlana G.

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Actually, if the folders are on the same drive, left button dragging without pressing shift does move the file.

Sorry Svetlana but the actual system is very confusing.

“Actually, the functionality is the same as on Windows”
IF you work with differents hard disks (partitions or network drives)

It’s not the same behavior if your work with on the Same disk.
This is the home primary use.

  • Simple drag&drop MOVES your files to another folder.
  • Drag&drop while keeping CTRL pressed COPIES your files to another folder.
  • Drag&drop while keeping Shift pressed moves your files to another folder.


Sorry, was not clear enough.
But anyway the following is actual for PL:

  • Simple drag&drop copies your files to another folder.
  • Drag&drop while keeping Shift pressed moves your files to another folder.

Svetlana G.

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But it’s confusing for a usual Windows home user :frowning:

In fact in my tutorial I give a handy solution.
“Move the file and press SHIFT key just before release mouse button”


Or just use windows explorer outside DxO PL. to move and copy files.
refresh in DxO organisor by switching folders ones.

right mouse button om dxo folder does give selection “open in explorer”.
Do the things there what you need return to dxo organisor.

If you don’t use .dop files, wouldn’t you lose the settings on the picture when you move it outside of PhotoLab?

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Same question to OXIDant.
Don’t forget dop files with explorer / finder files manipulations !


i don’t…:wink:

(are you sure that the dop file’s are moveing also when using the dxo shift click methode on rawfiles?)

That’s why i go manual to be sure.
same as the remove/delete file in dxo , the dop file stays behind i believe, becoming a orphin,
So before i transfer my folder of developed rawfiles in raw archive i clean up in explorer.

YES dop files move too.
NO dop sidecars do not remain in the folder.

That’s the reason why I use this wrong interface.



Svetlana G.

all agree with you to move the file rather than copy it, but I can understand that some prefer the existing rule, this allows additional security

I move/copy in Windows File Explorer - but I don’t use drag and drop. Too easy to accidentally drop a file in the wrong folder and have to search for it. Instead, I use Ctl-C (copy) or Ctl-X (cut) on the files in the original directory, navigate to the destination and Ctl-V (paste) to drop the file(s) there.
Sure would be nice if PL had this capability…

To avoid file confusion, I’d strongly suggest doing all your culling in another application before opening a project in DxO. You can use an application like FastRawViewer to cull, rate and then select your keepers and move them into a single subfolder (Keepers or Selects, whichever catches your fancy). Then open that folder in DxO Photo Lab and process single mindedly. It saves a huge amount of slow down when opening a folder full of images (most of which you won’t process).

DxO Photo Lab can read the ratings and labels from FastRawViewer which is useful (you can see which images are four star and five star for instance in the image browser). You don’t have to use FRV. You could use Lightroom in sidecar mode for culling or Adobe Bridge. I like FRV as it’s inexpensive ($15) and entirely sidecar based (no database), not Adobe and very fast once you have it tuned for your preferences (RAW previews or accompanying jpegs, which panes to have open). I should write an article on how I use FRV with DxO Photo Lab with screenshots for fast workflow when processing a full afternoon of soccer with over one thousand images on intake and about 80 images on output.

BTW, DxO Photo Lab does an absolutely awesome job with high ISO Canon 5DIII, 5DS R and 6D files. Rich colour is retained, noise slinks away into the night.

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What with or by what means ?
On a JPEG file by XMP code but how it works with raw files.
Can you please explain how it works ?