Monitor recommendation - 27" or 32"

Hey all:

I’m looking to upgrade my main monitor (using 2 24" Asus Proart currently). The PC is mostly used for Photolab work and browsing. I’m curious what everyone is using and any recommendations.

I was looking at the Dell U2720Q which is 4k 27" but I’m open to other suggestions. I’d like to keep the price under $700.


Good choice! That’s what I just got to replace a much older Dell monitor. No complaints so far. Technically, it’s a U2720QM, but the model number difference is because I bought it from Best Buy.

A 32" 2k highquality monitor with 100 % sRGB coverage.
4k and 27" is too small to benefit.
I have a benq 2k 32" , cheaper then the 4k version and very nice colors.

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I was wondering if 27" would be too small for a 4k.
@jch2103 you haven’t had any problems with the size, have you? Any regrets about going 27"?

sorry wrong memory, i wanted a 4k 32" but found it too expensive and did buy the BenQ PD2705Q :slight_smile:

i am very pleased with it, accurate colors and nice small bezel and good in highed adjustable mount.
my second (former first) monitor is the DELL P2314H.

i needed to see for my self on my desk :sweat_smile:

personally yes, by normal viewing distance the characters are too small and then you configure in bigger character set and such, 4K is usefull from 32" if you don’t want to mesh much with resizing viewing.
2K high quality is better then 4k medium quality for photographic editing.

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That’s an interesting statement. Thanks. Would you consider the U2720Q to be high quality or medium quality?

I’m ok with changing the character size if that’s the only issue with 27" 4k.

Wait. Is that a glossy screen?!?! I love glossy screens!!!

Glossy as in not shiny?
I find it a very kind for the eye lumination and has not very much reflection of things in the room. No backside glare.
It has all the connections you need. I did a long lasting review reading choosing path and settled for this.
2k 27 or 4k 32 that’s the first choice.
Then color acruacy and RGB coverage. 100%sRGB.
Then high adjustable mount, better then a pack of A4paper under the foot…:wink:
Good row of input connectors in HDMI quality.
Excelent reviews of quality testers
Price balance.

This dropped me to the point of 2k 27inch benq professional line.

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I was limited by the desk space (59 inches/150 cm wide) in my desktop computer room, so 27" (plus my existing 24") was about all I could accommodate. If I’d had more room, I might have gone larger.

I’m using default Windows font scaling, and I don’t have any problems with font size (monitors about an arm length away). But I have pretty good close-up vision, which may not be the case for everyone.

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Glossy means shiny - opposite of matte finish. I like the glossy screens but they’re so hard to find now.

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Benq SW270c…look no further!

I’m thinking of getting that one and the Dell U2720Q and sending back the one I don’t like. Any thoughts on how they’ll compare. :slight_smile:

@jch2103 your 59 inch desk is somewhat larger than my 51.5 inch desk! I felt really “frivolous” yesterday adding another second hand Z24i (1920 x 1200) display for £75 to my previous one both of which now flank my aging U2515H (2560 x 1440). I say “flank” because the new screen is at a rather crazy angle and has taken the place of my SAD light (not a real sufferer but it helps on really grey days).

Unfortunately UK prices tend to be £ for $ and really mad “sales " are few and far between. With the configuration of 3 monitors (cross connected to 3 machines, only 2 used regularly) on a reasonably small desk, 25” is about the maximum I can manage (with 2 other large bezelled 24" screens) but suits me. The extra screen means that my ever changing wallpaper should be visible on one of them.

I had a problem that only surfaced when I added the third screen! Certain programs, currently IMatch and LopeEdit had “vanished”. By that I mean that when I run them the thumbnail is present and active on the Taskbar, the screen can be seen on the “Win” + “Tab”, which actually shows both these programs on the main screen and on both of the Z24i screens (they are the only thumbnails that are on all 3 screens!) but the main display for the programs is absent on any of the screens!?

These are the only two programs that I have found so far that have a problem. I use DisplayFusion to help with the management of program displays i.e. there is a “button” added to the screen of most programs that allows me to “throw” it to another monitor.

The problem is similar to one reported by laptop users when they move from home where the laptop is also connected to a monitor to the “field” with only the laptop screen. Both the programs had been “thrown” to the second screen before a shutdown and then the third screen was added the following day which then confused Win10 or DisplayFusion etc. but for these 2 programs only!

Switching the input to the third screen (effectively turning it off) and up “popped” Imatch etc. on the second screen but actually LopeEdit re-appeared on the main screen !? Moved Imatch to the main screen before terminating the program. On restart it is fine and can be “thrown” to any of the screens!!

This is not always possible with all applications.
I do have a 27” 4K at home and in the office, with macOS and Windows.
I would get a 32” if I could and leave the scaling to 100% to benefit the 4K.

PS: I use only one 4K monitor as my main and only display. I wish it would be 40” 6K or so :joy:

If you only want 1 screen and not set the new next the old and your vision is 20:20 27" 4K is possible (a 1080p (FHD) next to a 4K will hurt your eye’s switching screen)
When i at my desk i sit 80cm from my screen (tape measured LOL) and then 2K versus 1080p (straight in front 70cm is a fluid form of switching to detail.

two screen workplace shots.

Faststone viewer left dxoforum right.
text comparison:

Yep i don’t believe in clean desk policy :joy:
i believe i can’t then my drawers will be coping with the mesh!
all visial stuff is a reminder to do something with it…

I’ve only had Dells in the past 20 years. I find the ULtrashrap and now Q version to be consistent and trouble-free. If you’re not doing high-end prints and CMYK press then I believe any 100% sRGB monitor will do just fine. What I liked about the Dell 27" 4K is that they come with a USB C single connection for both data, power and video so no need for extra cables and adapters.
A 32" might be another option but I find it too big when seating at around arm’s length from the screen.
You probably won’t work with the full 4K res as things get really small but the sharpness at 1080p and above is a massive improvement and I assume better for the eyes.

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The one genuine benefit of a high-quality 4k 27" compared to an equal quality 4k 32" screen is the much higher pixel count of the 4k 27". This is what makes Apples screens so terrific to look at. If it was me, and I was considering 4k, I’d go for the Eizo ColorEdge CS2740 over a BenQ SW321C any day of the week. Add in the hood for the Eizo, and they are priced the same. It would be a no brainer.

I ended up going with the 27" Dell U2720QM. Out of the box the fonts were much too small for me. I have scaling at 150% and everything looks crisp and clear. My question is now: by scaling that much am I taking anything away from the resolution of the monitor? I haven’t noticed anything but I was wondering…

I think you ment pixelcount per mm2.
A 4k 65inch has stil a great view but not at 50cm away. (desk distance,)
When i visit graphic drawing company’s i often notice a lcd tv of 50 something as overview screen on the corner of the desk and a Eizo like 27 or 32 as working screen.
Both 4k.

I looked at Eizo but budget did took me to the Benq 2k version.
I am happy enough as hobby editor.

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