Missing DxO ViewPoint 4.x panel in DxO PhotoLab 6 Elite


I’ve installed DxO PhotoLab 6 Elite and then I installed DxO ViewPoint 4.x. Every applications works fine for itself. Nevertheless I miss the DxO ViewPoint panel in DxO PhotoLab.

Any hints how to solve this strange behaviour?

Thanks in advance.

check here what’s installed (registered)

The splash screen shows, that DxO ViewPoint is installed. But the panel with the name “DxO ViewPoint” is missing.

Perhaps you have to add that panel manually. Have you checked to see if the ViewPoint panel is available in the drop down menus in the left and right hand tool columns?

Switch your workspace to “Standard” and back to “Advanced”.
This should bring up the VP panel.

Note: Custom workspaces are not automatically updated.

Sorry, now I’m totally lost. If I switch between “Standard” and “Advanced” I see the following panels:

In which tab (see below) may I find this panel?


In the toolbar I see the “miniatur effect” button:


Do I miss something?

Click the Fx button to show the FilmPack

ViewPoint 4 shows as “DXO VIEWPOINT” tool panel in the first screenshot of your latest post.
“ReShape” is a new feature introduced in VP4.

To see VP features, click on the semitransparent cube button ← second screenshot.
The button you highlighted in the third screenshot activates the “Miniatureffekt” tool.

Note: Feature highlighting can be switched off/on through DPL’s help menu.

If I select the “semitransparent cube button” I see these panels:

No explicit mention of “DxO ViewPoint”. I miss at least the “miniature effect”. I find the “miniature effect” in a totally other tab (fx (effects)):


Maybe I have wrong expectations. In the user manual I see an explicit panel “DxO ViewPoint”. On the other site, I see all the features of “DxO ViewPoint” in different panels without an explicit “DxO ViewPoint” panel. Is this a “new” behaviour? If yes, I’m fine with it.

Below you see a screenshot of the current DxO ViewPoint manual:

You seem to have found the items you were looking for in the first place.

For more info about PhotoLab, the user guide has a few things to show, e.g. about the user interface.

Tool panels and tools of the DPL6 Advanced workspace present themselves in the RH sidebar of the customize tab.

Tool panels (like the one highlighted with the yellow arrow) group related tools.
The filter buttons (red arrow) show corresponding tools and hide tool panel headers and other tools.
The stars mark “favorite” tools, to only see these, click on the star button above the filter button row.
To only see active tools, click on the switch button right off of the star button.

Note that the sequence of tools in filtered views cannot be customized.

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please, see also → https://support.dxo.com/hc/en-us/articles/6759602523421-Why-do-I-need-DxO-ViewPoint-if-I-already-have-DxO-PhotoLab-

As you noticed, there is no explicit “menu” for DxO Viewpoint.

The perspective corrections, now integrated in PL 6 Elite, had been part of viewpoint before.
Together with Volume Deformation and ReShape they are listed under the tab “Geometry”,
Screen Shot 05-22-23 at 10.14 PM

while the Miniature Effect is listed under the tab “Watermark & Effects”


Thanks to all of you for your hints, tips, and help. @Wolfgang described it in the right way in his two screenshots.